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How to set the digital job interview – 8 useful tips

You are full of knowledge, passion, drive and initiative – everything that an employer dreams of. You know it, but how do you convey it to someone else? The digital age places new demands on us when we have to show our forefoot to a new employer via a video call. Take advantage of our eight tips below and increase your chances of showing yourself from your best side!

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Even before the recommendations to work from home came in connection with the corona pandemic, video calls and job interviews had increased explosively. Although it can feel difficult to show your personality and make a good impression via a video call, it can also have advantages. LinkedIn’s career expert Blair Heitmann says that “participating in an environment where you already feel comfortable and safe can help boost confidence and calm the job seeker.”

However, she does not deny that video calls also present certain difficulties. How do you read body language and deal with the small delays that may occur? Based on her own experiences, she shares eight useful tips for your next video interview.

Record in advance

If you are worried about getting stage fright, this may be a suitable option. Some employers accept a pre-recorded video in which you talk about yourself, your skills and your background. It also gives you the opportunity to take several shots, should you not be satisfied.

Get dressed – properly

Don’t miss this point. Now we’re not talking sweaters and pants, but shoes and jewelry as well. Dress as if you were actually sitting in the same room as the person interviewing you. It helps you get into the right mindset. Dress as if you were meeting the employer in real life.

Place the camera at eye level

A common mistake people make is to position the camera in a bad way. With the wrong angle, you can accidentally convey an unfavorable image of yourself, make the image too dark or too bright. It is important that your face is clearly visible so that your future employer gets an idea of ​​your facial expressions, they are an important part of how you are perceived. Try to place the camera at eye level, it’s always a good guideline.

Find the right light

Avoid having a strong light source behind you, it will lead to mostly seeing a silhouette. You can advantageously sit near a window and make sure you get the daylight on your face. Natural light can give you a lovely halo.

Try to reduce disruptions and possible interruptions

Try to think through different scenarios in advance. Do you have a dog that barks a lot or is your partner at home babbling? Employers understand this, but try to limit possible disruptions as much as possible. And should it happen, handle it calmly and joke about it. It shows that you are flexible and adaptable. Don’t panic.

Don’t look at yourself

This is a common mistake that many people make, they stare blindly at their own image. Try to remove your own image if possible, being distracted by your own appearance can make you come across as less present or attentive. Instead, try to look the interviewer in the eye as much as possible.

Make sure to have a neutral background

This is not the mode where you joke about it with a funny background. Instead, try to find as neutral a wall as possible so that you are the center of attention. It doesn’t matter if there’s a glimpse of personal items in the background, but try to keep it as simple and professional as possible.

Follow up the interview

Haven’t you heard anything after the interview? Follow it up and say thank you. Write a message or an email and say that you are eager and interested in the job. However, this should be done with feeling, do not rely on too much. But just right can actually increase your chances!

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