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How to send money from Daviplata to Nequi • ENTER.CO

Although most banks already have a digital wallet, the service offered by Bancolombia is undoubtedly the best known: Nequi. Perhaps because it was one of the first brands that Colombians began to see and its rapid deployment among neighborhood stores and restaurants. But, although this is the best known, other products such as Daviplata have also found their position in the market.

If you have both products and you need to transfer your money from Daviplata to Nequi, we will show you how to do it. Remember that the transactions you make through this type of platform, you can do through your cell phone and at no cost. The first thing you should do is enter your Daviplata account with your ID number and password.

At the start of the application you should look for the ‘spend money’ button located at the bottom of the screen. In the options menu, you will choose the ‘to another bank’ button; the app asks you whether or not you want to accept the terms and conditions. If after reading them you agree, click “continue”. In the new menu that appears on the screen, you must select ‘unregistered accounts’.

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You will see some new options, select the ‘bank’ tab and choose the ‘Nequi’ option. The typical form will have to appear where you must write the cell phone number of the person to whom you will send the money, their name, the amount you will send and the message with which you want to accompany it. Once you have confirmed the data, click ‘continue’ and that’s it, you should receive a text message confirming the transfer.

You must bear in mind that one of the shortcomings with this platform is that, if the transfer is made after three in the afternoon, it can take up to one business day to reach the other platform. Otherwise, transfers take only a few minutes.

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