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How to send money from any bank to Nequi • ENTER.CO

Nequi has become one of the most used means of payment in Bogotá and the rest of the country; It’s the perfect diversion for when we don’t have cash. But, if you have money in your bank account and the establishment where you are going to pay does not accept a card? Don’t worry, there are two simple options with which you can send money from (almost) any bank to a Nequi account.


The first option is ‘Transfiya’, a platform attached to Bancolombia from where you can send and receive money not only in Nequi but in any of the banks that are linked to this tool. Its functionality is simple; The first thing you have to do is enter the bank account from where you will send the money; it’s fine if you do it from your bank’s website or app. When you are inside you should find a button titled ‘Transfers’ or ‘Transfers and advances’, click there. A new menu will open where you can find something like ‘To other online banks- Transfiya’ or just ‘Transfiya’, enter this option.

A short form should appear that you must fill out with the details of the account where you will send the money. It should be clarified that it can only be sent to “phone numbers”, that is, the cell phone that you have linked to your Nequi account. Once you have described the amount you will send, click ‘Next’, ‘Continue’ or ‘Send money’. You are almost done, you must confirm the transfer, because the money is not sent to your Nequi, but to your phone number. When you send the money, you will receive a text message indicating that they sent you money through TransfiYa, it is the signal to enter Nequi. Once inside you should check the notifications (the bell); there you will see all the shipments by TransfiYa, accept the money sent and voila, now it is in your Nequi account.

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The first thing you should know is that basically you will have to make a “recharge to Nequi” that will come directly from your bank account. So, the first thing you should do is search from your preferred browser “recharge Nequi” or enter this link. This page was created directly by the company in charge of Nequi.

There you must fill out a form where you are asked for the cell phone number to which the recharge will be sent, the amount of money you will send, the type of person (natural or legal) and choose the bank from where you will make the recharge. Once you select the entity, you must accept the captcha code; the page informs you that the payment will be made through PSE, if you agree press ‘Continue’.

Now, you will be redirected to the PSE page, from where you must write your email and go to the corresponding bank. Now you must fill out all your information to enter your bank account. Once inside, you will have to fill out basic bank details and select where the money will come from; You can now finish the process and that’s it. In a matter of minutes you will receive the money directly in your Nequi account, however, you must bear in mind that, if the transaction was made after 3 in the afternoon, the money may not arrive until the next day.

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