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How to sell on Free Market: Step by Step

Considered one of the best e-commerce solutions companies, Mercado Livre is a good option for you who would like to generate good sales for your business.

What this article covers:

How does Free Market work?

Mercado Livre works in a very simple way, in which you can be both a person looking to buy products and a person looking for a sales platform for your business. It `s a big virtual mall It has everything and more!

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In summary, ML can be used to purchase, sell, pay, advertise and ship products without the need for help from third parties and, precisely because of this characteristic, it is a very safe environment.

How to have Mercado Livre as your sales platform?

In order for you to have ML as your business sales platform, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Access your ML account using your email and password. If you do not have an account created on Mercado Livre, you must create an account on the digital platform by presenting your personal data and your company’s business data;
  • Create your product ad by clicking on the “Sell” option;
  • Make the selection of the type of product that will be sold and the way in which it will be advertised through the use of titles and categories.
  • Fill in the necessary information about your product;
  • Insert the price of the product;
  • Define how the product shipping process will be carried out;
  • Review the product ad before publishing it, because this is a way to guarantee the veracity of the product;
  • Choose the payment method for your product;

This is how to use Mercado Livre as your business sales platform. Using ML to streamline your sales on the internet is a useful step and well recommended by several other Ecommerces.

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