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How to see the comments I’ve made on Instagram • ENTER.CO

Imagine that you are drunk at a party and you are browsing Instagram, suddenly you see the post of someone handsome you don’t know and decide to leave a comment on the post. When you wake up the next day, you remember that you wrote a comment, but you don’t know what post or account.

Fortunately, Instagram houses the history of comments you have made on the social network. Fortunately, it is already much easier to search; Previously, you had to request “data” (history) which were sent to your email. Now, all you have to do is enter a couple of sections to see the entire history.

Once you open the application, you go to your profile, which you will find in the lower right with your thumbnail photo; then, click on the menu that is located in the upper right, you will recognize it by its four horizontal lines. You will see that a new menu ascends on the screen, locate the button ‘Your activity’.

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Instagram should have redirected you to a section with several options, including ‘Interactions’, press this button. You will find, in the first option of the new menu, the section ‘Comments’ enter. Now, you will see all the comments you have made; by default it will be organized from newest to oldest. However, you can organize it as you wish.

To rearrange the comments you can go to the ‘Sort and filter’ button in the upper right corner. The application allows you to filter the comments from the most recent to the oldest and vice versa, put a time span: from one date to another date, or by author. This last option shows the profiles in which you have made comments and you can filter it by the account you want. When applying select the account, all the comments that you have written in the publications of that account will be displayed.

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