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How to search the company’s CNPJ? What information does the cadastral consultation obtain?

Searching for a company’s CNPJ is common and can be quite important in some cases. This practice is very useful, for example, to verify if a company actually exists and if it is within the tax and legal compliance to operate. This helps to prevent fraud. See, throughout the text, how to search for the CNPJ and what kind of information is obtained in this process.

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Discover 7 ways to search for the CNPJ of any Brazilian company?

Searching for the CNPJ is not complicated, even more so nowadays, where processes are increasingly computerized. Even for this reason, there are seven ways to efficiently search for a company’s CNPJ. Find out what they are below.

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recipe website

In the Federal Revenue of Brazil portal it is possible to consult the CNPJ in a very simple way. Just access the page and provide the registration number (the CNPJ). From there, various information about the company in question is displayed.

entrepreneur’s portal

The website Entrepreneur Portal is another way to search for the CNPJ of a company. In this case, the platform only serves if the business is in the MEI category. It is only necessary to enter the page, access the section “I am already MEI”, follow the paths “Issuance of CCMEI Proof” > “Proof of MEI”, and fill in the requested data.

Superior Labor Court

The TST website also has the functionality to consult CNPJs. In this specific case, the research serves to show possible labor debts associated with the researched company. To carry out the consultation, it is only necessary to enter the page and access the options “Services” and “Clearance Certificate of Labor Debts”, and inform the CNPJ that must be analyzed.

Company Registration

The specialized website Cadastro Empresa can also help when searching for the CNPJ. The procedure is very simple: just type the CNPJ number in the search bar (located at the top of the page, on the right side) and press “enter”.

CNPJ application

The CNPJ application is yet another solution to do business research using the CNPJ number. It is very functional and, as in the example above, just say what are the numbers that form the CNPJ of the company that must be searched. From there, some registration information is displayed.


To find out if a company has debts with the public sector, it is necessary to use the CADIN. You must access this page and login (or create one if necessary). Once logged into the system, it is possible to make the query.

Protest Office

The IEPTB portal is also an option to consult the CNPJ. In this case, the information obtained here serves to verify the history of protests of the companies.

Why research the CNPJ and consult a company?

Many things can motivate someone to search for a company by its CNPJ, but the most relevant reason associated with this practice is security. To find out if a company is serious and not fraudulent, researching its CNPJ can be a good way. This is actually a very easy way to know if it’s safe to negotiate and hire a company. And, best of all, it can be done with just a few clicks.

What CNPJ registration information is verified in a query?

Different types of data can be obtained in a query by the CNPJ of a company. See below some of the most common information and what they mean.

CNPJ number

The CNPJ number itself is one of the information obtained in these searches. This number works as a register of companies with the public sector.

Fantasy name

The trade name is the term by which the company is recognized among its customers and the public in general. That is, it is its popular name.

Business name

The corporate name, or corporate name, is the “official” name of the company. This name is more technical in relation to the fantasy name and is used for registration made at the Board of Trade.

Opening date

The opening date is also displayed during the CNPJ search. It only indicates when the company officially started operating.

Share capital

Equity capital refers to the amount needed to maintain the company until it starts to make a profit. Not only does the money itself go into this account, but the company’s equipment is also included.


The “type” is data that indicates whether the searched company is a subsidiary or parent company.


In the part destined to the “situation” it is shown if the company is active or not. This information is particularly important for those who do not want to suffer from fraud, for example.

Legal nature

Finally, the legal nature indicates the legal regime to which the company belongs. This definition serves, for example, to say what are the requirements that the business partners must follow.

These are, basically, the main information obtained when searching for the CNPJ of a company. Be sure to make this type of consultation when hiring a company, especially if it is not so well known in the market.

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