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How to say pictures in English

How do you say image?

“Image”, “exam”, “summary”, “volume”, “origin”, “young”, “abdomen” or “profit margin” are written without accents in the singular, but with accents in the plural. This is exactly what the Urgent Spanish Foundation explains, promoted by the EFE Agency and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.

What is image in English?

Image (likeness):
image f.

How do you pronounce the word picture?

  1. Simplified Phonetic Alphabet (AFS) pihk. – choo.
  2. pɪk. –tʃə
  3. pic. – ture.

How do you write photo gallery in spanish?

At the same time, thanks to a metonymic procedure, photogallery, and the syntagmatic variants photogallery or photogallery, it also designates a series of fingerprint photos that can be accessed through this type of application; that is, they are synonymous forms of album.

How do you say image in English?

Pictures pl
This device projects images on the screen.

How do you say in english?:

How do you say…? [ej.] how do you say…?

How do you say the image or the image?

feminine noun

Singular Plural
image images

How do you say the image of a person?

Figure or representation of a thing or person: 1 figure, representation, constitutes. Appearance: 2 appearance, external appearance, stamp.

What is image according to the dictionary?

Figure, representation, similarity and appearance of something. 2. F. Statue, effigy or painting of a divinity or of a sacred character.

How do you spell picture?

picture [imaged|imaged] {verb}

How does it look in the picture in English?

As seen in the photograph. As seen in the pictures.

What does Picture mean in English and Spanish?

Image f. There is a castle in the background of the picture. There is a castle in the background of the image.

How to pronounce Outfit at the picture in English?

outfit at the picture

  1. Simplified Phonetic Alphabet (AFS) outfit. Aht. Thuh. Pihk. – chuhr.
  2. lʊk. æt. ðəpɪk. – tʃəɹ
  3. outfit. at. The. Pic. – ture.

How do you say gallery?

1. F. Gallery (‖ Establishment such as for the exhibition and sale of works of art).

What is the plural of Gallery in English?


Singular Plural
gallery galleries

What does the photos mean?

Photo f (Shortening: “Photograph”) (plural: photos f)

What is the plural of Photo in English?


Singular Plural
photos pictures

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