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How to save on makeup: 10 good tips

Can’t spend a fortune on new products? We’ve put together the best tips to save on makeup, without giving up looking pretty.

For those who are truly passionate about make-up, sometimes it becomes difficult to resist the temptation of new launches that, season after season, promise to make us more beautiful and radiant. But did you know you can save on makeupwithout having to give up feeling like your best version?

Yes, you read that right. It’s possible walk well groomed while saving. Discover everything.

10 tricks to save on makeup that you’ll want to know


Take off all your makeup and spread it on the floor

To get a sense of everything you really have, it’s important that you remove all make-up products and spread them on the floor. Do not forget to protect the surface well, so as not to get dirty.

This will prevent you from buying duplicate products. Yes, more times than we’d like to admit, we end up buying makeup that we already have.


Organize products by categories

This strategy will allow you to understand what you really use, and what makes no sense to buy again. Also take advantage of the fact that you have already put your hands to work to throw away whatever is out of date.

Arrange the products you use most in transparent acrylic boxes, so that you can see everything you have when it’s time to put on your makeup.


Get a box for the rest of the products

Now that you know which products you use the least, put them together neatly in a box. So, when you feel like buying makeup, grab your box and “buy” what you already have. Known as shop my stashthis is an easy formula to have new makeup without spending more money.


Buy only what you really need

We all know how difficult it is to enter a make-up store and be able to resist the colors, textures and new arrivals, not to mention the “investigations” of the saleswomen who will try to convince you that you need everything.

In this sense, before going to the store, research which products are best for your skin tone and type and which ones you really need to buy.

If you just need to replace some, prefer to buy online.


Give new life to the products you already have

Did you know that some beauty products can have a new lease of life before they go to waste? Powders, for example, last a long time and can be rejuvenated by removing the top layer, provided they are within the expiry date, of course.

Mascara can also have a new life, even when it’s getting dry. Before throwing it away and buying a new one, apply 10 drops of saline solution, close it well, shake it and that’s it: like new.

In case you have reached the end, you can always buy a cheaper mascara and use the brush from the previous one.

Usually, the difference in price is related to the quality of the brush, so reusing it is a good idea.

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Explore online stores and compare prices

Nowadays, there is no shortage of cosmetics and make-up products online stores, with lower prices than physical stores.

So, before going to the store to buy makeup, explore the virtual world and compare prices.

Believe me, sometimes the differences are stark.


Choose the best time of year to buy new makeup

The end of summer, as well as the weeks after Christmas, are the best times to buy makeup.

At the so-called end of the season, you get better discounts, especially on products that are more volatile to seasonal trends, such as lipsticks or nail polishes.


Say goodbye to backlog

Unless you catch an incredible sale, avoid stocking up. Indeed, the vast majority of make-up products have a shelf life of between 6 months and a year, so it is not a good idea to accumulate them in order not to use them.

Whenever you want to buy something new, ask for samples first. In addition to yielding more, it is an excellent way to understand whether that make-up product really makes a difference for you, before spending money buying it and then pulling over.


Buy travel size products

Whether we talk about make-up products that you only use occasionally, or when you just want to try a product that is in vogue and you couldn’t get samples, it’s really worth buying the travel size versions that are, obviously, cheaper.

As you can see, there is no shortage of good tips to save on makeup. Follow them and feel radiant without breaking the bank.

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