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How to safely decorate the streets for the World Cup

With the approach of World Cup 2014, which starts on the 12th of June, the old habit of decorating houses and streets with the colors of Brazil is back to the fore. But in order not to have any problems, you need to know how to safely decorate the streets for the World Cup🇧🇷

The streets decorated for the World Cup are a tradition throughout Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

Every four years, residents of cities spread across the country always decorate the streets with flags, special paintings, objects that refer to the National flag and various other types of props, getting ready to cheer for the Brazilian Team looking for another world title.

However, all this preparation streets decorated for the World Cup it must be done taking care, in order to avoid accidents that can put an end to the party and cause various inconveniences.

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What this article covers:

By taking some precautions, it is possible to avoid accidents when decorating the streets for the World Cup (Photo: Disclosure)

Between the tips for safely decorating the streets for the World Cup care for the electrical grid. So, you should start by avoiding placing flags and ornaments on the poles or above the wiring, as they can get tangled in the wires and cause more serious accidents, in addition to interrupting the power supply.

Other suggestions are:

– Use the facade of the house for decoration.

– In buildings, be careful when placing flags on balconies, avoiding hanging them close to the power grid.

– Avoid using materials that conduct electricity, such as wire, aluminum foil, foil, and metallic serpentinefor example.

– Never touch or lift low/medium voltage cables, even if you are wearing insulating gloves.

– Maintain a minimum distance of two meters from the electrical network, below or to the side, with special attention when painting facades and installing or removing antennas.

– Don’t forget to use safety equipment to carry out painting tasks and installation of props in higher places, such as when climbing trees.

other tips

It is necessary to pay attention mainly to the electrical network, to avoid shocks and other problems (Photo: Disclosure)

For decorate the streets for the World Cup in complete safety, you also cannot forget to signpost the road and warn drivers, to prevent accidents from happening while the place is decorated.

Also, be very careful when dropping fireworks, following the guidelines given by the manufacturer and avoiding lighting them near electrical wiring. And if you are going to install TVs and big screens on the street to follow the matches, never plug several devices into the same outlet, as this could cause short circuit and fires.

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