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How to Regularize Voter Registration

For many years our population suffered at the hands of greedy rulers and dictators who did not care about the welfare of the people and only worked for their own benefit. After many years of struggle and demand from our population, the right to choose our political representatives was achieved and so we began to have a little active voice in the decisions of our country, being able to choose the candidates that most resemble our ideas and opinions. This right that was so coveted and today is already the ideology of several countries is known as Democracy.

Today in Brazil, any citizen over the age of 16 can vote, with voting mandatory for people aged between 18 and 70 and optional only for those over 16, for those over 70, for the illiterate and for Brazilians residing abroad.

You just need to check if your age matches the allowed age and provide your voter registration to use your voting rights. To get your voter registration card, you just have to go to the nearest electoral office and bring the following documents:

– RG, birth certificate or marriage certificate;
– a recent proof of address;
– proof of discharge from military service (men between 18 and 45 years old only);

There is still no way to get your voter registration card over the internet, but you can advance the process by requesting the protocol through the website www.tse.jus.br where you must fill in the requested data and choose the polling place among those available. After that, all you have to do is take the protocol and the necessary documents to the nearest electoral registry office and thus withdraw your voter registration card immediately.

If you are unable to attend a vote, look for the nearest justification office and keep your receipt. If you do not have proof of justification, you will automatically be indebted to the government for not having attended the poll and not justifying yourself. You will need to regularize your situation as soon as possible, because while it is not regularized, you will lose some rights such as providing public tenders.

To have your situation regularized is easy, you just have to look for an electoral registry office, taking any document that proves your identity (RG for example), your voter registration card and your justification for missing/proof of voting. If you don’t have the justification, they’ll do a quick search on the Registration of Electoral Justice to check your situation and if you are in debt with the electoral justice, you will have to pay a small fine ranging from R$ 3.50.

Those who miss three consecutive elections run the risk of having their canceled title, but if that happens, you can also regularize your situation by adopting the same procedure mentioned above. After that, you will have to provide a duplicate of your title, going to the electoral registry office where you are registered, taking your RG and filling out the request for your title. Pay attention to the date, as the duplicate can only be requested within a maximum period of 10 days before the election.

What this article covers:

How to regularize voter registration

  1. Visit the website of TSE;
  2. Scroll down the screen and fill in your data in the “Voter query and debts”;
  3. In “Voter ID”, choose between “I have, and I know the number”
    or “I have it, but I don’t know the number” (if you don’t have the title in hand);
  4. Confirm that you are not a robot and click “Next”;
  5. The result does not mention the name of the voter and is composed of only one line, informing whether you are “regular” or “irregular”;
  6. No archiving required.How to regularize voter registration

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If you are in irregular statusit will open a list with all your debts with the Electoral Justice.

  1. generate the ticket for payment, clicking on the printer symbol, on the same line, to the right of the amount;
  2. Enter your CPF, if you wish;How to regularize voter registration
  3. printed the Union Collection Guide (GRU);
  4. Pay the bill at Banco do Brasil.

How to regularize voter registration

If there is urgent need to regularize the electoral situationget in touch with Electoral Zone where you are registered for guidance on lowering the fine in the system.

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How to query online

Before going to the registry office, you can consult the registration status on the TSE Portal. Enough filler the available form??

If there are debts from elections prior to 2020, it is necessary to settle them before making the application.

Click here for the fine settlement guide??

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