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how to register the employee?

The use of digital documents has become very common in recent years, due to the ease of having them always at hand when necessary.
In 2019 there was the emergence of the digital work card, but there are still many doubts regarding its access and the registration of employees by companies.

What this article covers:

What is the digital work card and how to apply?

The work card is a document that is mandatory for all citizens who provide services.
In order to modernize and facilitate its access, a digital work card was created to replace the current one, but that does not mean that physics is no longer used.

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All citizens who have a CPF already have their digital work card. To access it, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Emprega Brasil Portal;
  • Register on the site, if you haven’t already;
  • Go to “work portfolio”, where you can see information about your current job and previous contracts.

On your cell phone, simply install the “Carteira de Trabalho Digital” application, filling in the fields indicated with your login information to view your portfolio.

With the digital workbook, the company may have questions about how to register its employees.

To carry out this process, it is necessary to register on e-Social and have the number of the CPF of all workers who will be registered. Once this is done, just include the data of all employees, even those who have already been registered, in the physical work card.

How to fill in the data in the digital work card?

The information to be provided when filling out the digital work card is the salary and date of admission, as well as in the physical card. The difference is in the CTPS number, which now has only 7 digits.

CTPS follows this model:

  • Employment card number: 7 first numbers of the CPF;
  • Employment card series: 4 last numbers of the CPF;
  • UF: State of the employee or company.

The digital work card was created with the aim of making life easier for Brazilians, who can now always have the document at hand for any queries. It is necessary for companies to carry out the registration of all employees as soon as possible, even those who already have registration in their physical work papers.

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