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How to redecorate your living room on a budget

Wanting to change the look of the room, but have little money to invest in the decoration🇧🇷 So you can’t help but check out the tips for redecorating the living room on a budget🇧🇷

Even with little money, you can completely change the face of your living room (Photo: Handout)

In the coming days, the TV room it will certainly be the most requested room in houses and apartments throughout Brazil, because of the World Cup 2014which starts on June 12th and will run until July 13th.

Millions of people will receive family and friends to watch the World Cup games together, rooting for the Brazilian Team🇧🇷 And if the room decoration is already outdated, you can renew the look of the place following some very simple tips.

decorative stickers for walls

Tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much

What this article covers:

How to redecorate your living room on a budget

Investing in pillows with different prints and changing them from time to time is a good alternative (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who are wondering how to redecorate the living room on a budget, the first tip is to start with the walls. You can change the painting, choosing a tone that matches the rest of the house (light colors give a greater sense of spaciousness), or invest in wallpaper🇧🇷

In the case of paper, there are different styles and quite varied options, which should match your personality. In relation to painting, wallpaper wins for its lower price and ease of application. Placing frames can complement the new look.

In the armchairs and sofas, the tip is to bet on special covers (there are several options, including stylized ones) or buy a light and very pretty fabric and ask for one upholsterer make a new “outfit” for the furniture, if its structure is still in good condition.

Cushions with different prints, rugs in neutral colors (for those with breathing problems, the ideal is not to use them or to choose rugs with low pile) and a coffee table (if there is room for it, of course), are also good alternatives for decorate the living room on a budget🇧🇷

other tips

Sometimes it is enough to apply a wall sticker to completely change the decoration of the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

For change the room decorOther tips are:

– Use plants, in very charming vases, to give a new look and more life to the environment.

– Use embellishments and decorative purposes sparingly, as they can take away the extra spaces in the room and not match the new style.

– Invest in a sideboard, taking advantage of the space behind the sofa (if there is that gap).

– Use a trunk or fair box as a coffee table or to store objects that are thrown around the room.

Using a sideboard and trunks are also among the options (Photo: Disclosure)

– You wall stickers they are also great alternatives to renew the decoration of the room.

– Use a mirror to increase the feeling of room amplitude.

– Make minor renovations to old furniture.

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