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How to Recycle PET Bottle

How to Recycle PET Bottle – Waste recycling is one of the main trends of a sustainable planet, so reusing PET bottles can be a creative way to contribute to the environment. The famous soda bottles that are usually thrown away can be transformed into decorative objects, furniture, accessories and even solar heaters.

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How to Recycle PET Bottle

THE pet bottle, in conventional sizes, small or large, is used for the construction of various utensils. In order for the work to be beautiful and compatible with its purpose, it is necessary to combine recycling techniques with craftsmanship to obtain the best results. Recycling is also a matter of style and good taste, mainly so that the created pieces are well used.

When it comes to the recycling initiative, the PET bottle can be considered a multipurpose item. Great ideas can be put into practice through the reuse of plastic, such as ottomans, armchairs, magazine racks, vases, curtains, stuff holders, baskets, lamps, toys, jewelry, bags, among other items. Some jobs are so beautiful and modern that they don’t even look like they’re made from PET bottles.

For those who want to reuse recyclable materials and improve the techniques of these works, it is recommended to know PET bottle recycling tips and put them into practice. Even children can participate in the act of recycling and to some extent develop an eco-consciousness as well as their creativity.

Before doing any work with PET units it is necessary to wash them properly, removing the coolant residues and drying them afterwards. Gather the other materials that will be needed for your creation and try to follow the step by step so you don’t get lost in assembling a piece.

Many advantages are associated with PET bottle recyclingsuch as reducing waste in the environment, saving oil and generating extra income for those who work with selective collection and even handicrafts.

Check out some suggestions below for how to recycle PET bottles🇧🇷

🇧🇷 PET bottle puff: to assemble the furniture structure, gather the amount of bottles needed according to the size of the desired piece. The use of wide tape helps to unite the pieces and create a firm, uniform and stylish accent. To make the puff softer, it is possible to work with a layer of foam and curvi for the lining. The idea structuring table is used to build sofas, beds and chairs in more creative homes.

🇧🇷 PET Bottle Toys: a great activity option to do at school with the kids and explain how recycling works. With the guidance of the teacher, the little ones develop creativity, have fun and learn. PET packaging can be transformed into carts, games, bilboquet, Engole-o-Gude, among others. The toys are creative, are usually colored with paints and guarantee the children’s leisure.

🇧🇷 PET bottle lamp: have you thought about using the transparency of the plastic bottle in the decoration? So know that this idea is possible and adds style indoors. The creation of pendant decoration objects, for example, help add a warm light to the environment and can even display a textured look.

🇧🇷 Christmas Tree with PET Bottles: the decoration of houses for commemorative dates also incorporates pieces made with soda bottles, as is the case with the artificial Christmas tree. In the simplest models, the bottles are cut, lightly chopped into strips and fitted onto a broomstick to give the effect of a tree. The ornaments can also be made with plastic, it depends on the creativity of each one.

🇧🇷 Decorations with PET Bottles: an interesting suggestion for those who want to start their work with recycling, thus enjoying the possibility of making mobiles, piggy banks, dolls, pencil holders, table decorations, picture frames, baskets, fruit bowls, flowers, among others.

After knowing some ideas of how recycle PET bottles, see below the videos that illustrate well this area of ​​recycling. The step by step is clear and can be put into practice at home. Check out:

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