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How to recover digital workbook password?

The work card is an essential document in the daily lives of Brazilians. It contains all the information about a person’s professional life. Since 2019, this document has gained a digital model that has the proposal to make the worker’s life even easier.

In the electronic version of the workbook, it is possible to find all the old and new jobs of a given person, in addition to notes and a complete and updated professional history. Even with so many facilities, the digital work card password is still a matter of doubt among workers, so check below how to recover the work card password.

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What is a digital workbook?

The work card is mandatory for someone to be hired by a company. It is the one that brings together the entire history of a worker’s professional life and also notes from the companies where he worked.

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This electronic version was created to make life easier for companies and workers. With it, it is possible to view all the information that the physical work card contains, but through a mobile application.

In addition to the digital CTPS app, this model can also be accessed through the Labor Department website. Currently, the digital version can replace the use of the physical work card.

How does the digital work portfolio work?

The digital CTPS works based on several records entered by the employee through e-Social, a system that works with the registration of data over the internet.

By accessing his CTPS in digital format, the worker will be able to view all labor data, such as wages, vacation registration, thirteenth payment, contracts and everything related to his professional life.

To obtain it, each person must indicate the CPF and their login through the Single Portal. The whole process is done at the same time and it is not necessary to wait as in the case of the physical wallet.

What to do to recover the digital work wallet password?

To access the digital work card, the worker must enter a password at the time of login. This data is the same as that used in government accounts, that is, the Gov.br platform.

For those who do not remember their password or for some reason do not have it when logging in to the digital CTPS, they must enter the Gov.br platform to recover the password for the digital work card. To carry out the process, the worker must follow the steps below:

  • Access the Gov.br portal;
  • Inform the CPF and proceed;
  • Go to the ”I forgot my password” area;
  • Confirm ”I’m not a robot”;
  • Click forward.

After following these steps, it is possible to choose from three process options to recover the digital work card password: By facial validation through accredited banks, internet banking or by email. When the password is completely updated in the portal Gov.brthe digital workbook can be accessed with it.

Even with the opportunity to replace the physical work card at all times necessary, the government recommends that every citizen keep his or her traditional card.

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