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How to recover deleted messenger messages

It may have been a mistake, or he may have regretted it. So, learn how to recover deleted messages from Messenger. Yes, it is possible!

You can delete entire conversations, but did you know it’s also possible recover deleted messenger messages🇧🇷 It is true. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to think that the action taken is irreversible. On the contrary, there is a way to reverse the situation.

How to recover deleted messenger messages

If, to delete a message, you first went to the inbox and selected the “x” on the right, know that, in practice, you have not deleted it. Facebook automatically assumes this action as a file, so – even if it makes the message disappear from the inbox – it doesn’t delete it.

Therefore, and considering that Login from your computer, all you need to do is access Messenger and enter the view that shows you the inbox on the left and the current conversation on the right.

To find out how to recover deleted Messenger messages, all you need to do is access the menu on the left (which displays your inbox) and select the “Settings” icon on the top left.

Once you are there, you just need to select “Archived messages” to have access to your entire file (as long as you use Facebook). At the beginning, you will find the deleted message in that tab. If not, you can always enter the name of the person concerned in the search bar for the conversation to appear.

If you still don’t find the message you are looking for, then it is very likely that you have indeed deleted it for some reason. In that case, it’s virtually impossible to get that conversation back, unless you speak directly to the sender of your message and ask them to resend it.

Therefore, if you want to prevent a future situation, from deleting a message or conversation that may be useful to you in the future, it is best to “think before you click”. Nowadays, Facebook gives you the possibility to segment your messages as deleted or archived, and even as spam🇧🇷

In this sense, we advise you to always archive your messages or conversations instead of deleting them, so you can access that content whenever you want, or really need it. In doing so, the conversation will continue, in a way, active.

This means that even if it is archived, a notification will be sent to you in case a new message is sent to you. At your discretion, you can then choose to put it back in your regular inbox, so you can always have control over your conversations.

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