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How to read yourself a cup of tea to visualize your future

The predictive art of reading tea is known as theomancy or taseography. and has its origin in the 16th century in Europe after this drink was introduced to this continent from Asia. It is one of the most popular divinatory disciplines as no major tools are needed other than a cup and leaves, and whose interpretation is very personal.

The process is simple, one only needs to sit in the comfort of home, drink tea and analyze what shapes the leaves of the remains in the cup form to find meaning. However, and despite the fact that it is something simple, a procedure is needed so that the predictions are as accurate as possible.

What does it take to read a cup of tea?

The basic materials are a cup and tea leaves, but you have to follow some rules. The container should be white and preferably made of porcelain. If you do not have any of these characteristics at home, you can use a light-colored cup.

The second material is tea leaves. Black, fine and in strands is recommended to make it easier for you to find the figures in the wells, however, you can use whichever you prefer. If you don’t have tea leaves, you can use a bag.

In addition to the above, you will need a small spread plate and if these are your first times, a pencil and paper to make notes.

Procedure for reading tea step by step

Step 1: prepare a tea as you normally do, that is, boil water and serve in the cup where you previously placed the tea leaves. Wait until the leaves are well soaked and sink. Meanwhile, do some breathing exercises to relax.

Step 2: sit in a comfortable place. Pick up the cup with your less skilled hand and as you drink, think of two or three questions you want answered. If you think it is necessary, write down the questions on a sheet of paper. Sip slowly until only a little liquid remains, about a teaspoon. If you’re using a tea bag, cut it so the contents spill out and pour into the cup.

Step 3: turn the cup 3 times counterclockwise, that is, to the left. Place the small plate on top of the cup and tilt it to remove the little liquid that is left. Some leaves or sediment will go to the plate, this is normal; the rest of the cup is what the reading will tell us.

Step 4: look at the cup once as if you were reading a text, that is, from left to right. Write on the sheet the first figures or symbols you see. It is important that it is the first thing that your instinct says so that you yourself give it meaning.

step 5: now you must distinguish the location of the figures. The handle or ear of the cup is the starting point because it represents you. If they are near the center it means that it is the distant future; those near the edge are recent or upcoming; those closest to the handle are associated with family and home, while those further away with other people or work.

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