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How to query the balance of the food allele by card number?

The card provides several opportunities for its customers: it is accepted in several establishments, it also offers various benefits, in addition to being able to check the balance of the food allele digitally.

In addition to the application, it also has a website that allows you to request a duplicate account and several other services. In this way, the client’s daily life is facilitated, which prevents him from wasting time with bureaucracies.

The allelo card also allows your client to have general control of expenses. But what about the feed allele balance query? In this content you will see how. Keep on texting!

What this article covers:

How can I check my food allele balance by card number?

As already mentioned, the allelo customer has access to all account transactions, so he can thus control expenses with knowledge of consumption.

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The allele allows the customer to have several ways to check the balance, they are by:

But to check the balance by card number, follow these steps:

  • Use the number 4004-7733 to send a whatsapp message and ask for the balance inquiry;
  • Inform CPF and card number when requested by the attendant;
  • The balance is then sent.

Checking the balance with the card number is quick, easy and practical. To do this, just save the indicated number on your cell phone and request the amount of the account balance.

How to check the balance of the food allele online?

As already mentioned, there are several ways to check the balance of the food allele. Online forms are the fastest, most practical and are expanding more and more. Follow the steps below to query by App:

  • Install the “Meu Alelo” App on your smartphone;
  • Open the App and log into your account with your CPF and password;
  • Consult the balance of the card on the App’s home screen.

See below how to check balance on the website in your CPF:

  • Access the website meualelo.com.br;
  • Fill in the field with the CPF and password;
  • Check your balance on the website.

It is very easy to check the balance of the food allele on the internet. To do this, just follow the steps correctly.

How to recharge the feeding allele?

Just like checking your balance, recharging your food allele is very easy. To do so, access the application and click on “Payments” and “Recharge from mobile”. Upon completion, an SMS is received and confirmation is carried out.

What do I do if my feed allele balance has been released?

The money can be used as per the user’s preference. In the case of food and meal allele cards, they have an accumulative balance. This means that their credit accumulates over time. However, when the company does not provide more credit within the stipulated period of 90 days, this balance is blocked.

What to do if my feed allele balance has cleared

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That’s why it’s very important to pay attention to the balance of the allelo food card. As it can be transferred to other accounts, the ideal is to do this if it is about to complete 90 days and you no longer receive credit for it by the company.

As taught in the article, always check your balance to be aware of everything related to it. Remember that the “Meu Alelo” application is for this and that it allows its users to have full control of the account.

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