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How to query miles by CPF?

The miles program has already become a darling of reward systems and those who love to travel, but do you know how to check miles by CPF?

Nowadays, there are so many loyalty programs that it is difficult to know which one you are associated with, since many of these come in partnerships with financial institutions, services and credit cards. That’s why we’re here to show you that it’s possible to check miles by CPF. Stay with us and learn how to do it!

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Before we talk about how to check miles by CPF let’s clarify exactly what “miles” or “earn miles” is. Air miles are ways for loyalty programs to grant progressive discounts on airline tickets for customers who comply with their requests, such as buying at partner stores or using partner cards.

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In this case, the name miles comes from the analogy with the air miles that are covered by planes. The amount of miles you accumulate in your CPF always varies according to the program to which your CPF is linked.

There are several of these programs like Smiles, Tudo Azul, Latam Pass, among others that you may be linked to without knowing it. That’s why it’s important to check miles by CPF.

How do I use my CPF to earn more miles?

Unfortunately, these miles programs offered by credit and financial cards are not consolidated in one place. Therefore, to find out exactly how many miles you have in your CPF, you will have to consult the program by program.

But for all these mile accumulation systems the method is the same. Just try to link using your CPF. If you are already a partner, the website or application will notify you and then just access using your credentials. If you don’t know, a tip: try to change your password in the app or website. They will email you a new password and then you will have free access to the miles program.

But if when checking miles by CPF you realize that you are not linked to any program, choose one of your preference and that seems more suitable to you and join now! This way you can accumulate miles and exchange them for discounts or free airline tickets.

What are the benefits of checking my miles by CPF?

All this confusion regarding the accumulation of miles is related to the fact that many loyalty programs work as a standard benefit of digital accounts, contracted services and cards where institutions automatically register you to earn airline miles. But when consulting miles by CPF you have control and find out which programs you are linked to.

What are the best ways to redeem my CPF miles?

Each loyalty program that offers airline miles as a bonus has its own method of earning miles. Therefore, many offer using various means. One of the most traditional is in purchases with certain card models or at partner establishments of the program.

What are the best ways to redeem my CPF miles

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The best way is to check which of these programs suits you best. Which offer you the most constant, regular and easy way to earn miles. Analyze whether you shop at establishments associated with these programs, whether you use credit cards, what services you could pay using cards that generate miles, etc.

How can I make the most of my CPF miles?

Another point that you should carefully check when joining a program that generates miles is whether it allows the progressive accumulation of miles and what is the maximum limit. That way you can accumulate enough miles to spend them making the most of your benefits!

Now that you know how to check miles by CPF, make your query now and see if you are already earning miles that can be spent on a trip!

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