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How to put expiration on shared files in Google Drive? • ENTER.CO

It will no longer be a problem if you have finished a project and do not want to continue sharing certain content. Google Drive allows you to put an expiration date on files shared with people outside your company such as clients or agencies. Soon, the feature will be available for mobile devices.

With this new feature there will be several changes in access roles. Google explains, for example, you can add an expiration date to documents, files, videos, images or shared folders depending on the role: readers, commenters, editors and readers.

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Also note that if an expiration date is set for an editor on a folder, their role will change to reader. However, you can also change their role to commenter and keep the expiration date. If you want to deny access permanently, you must do it manually.

Already available on desktop, this feature will roll out to the Android version of Drive in late November 2022. It’s currently reserved for Google Workspace paid plan holders; so you’ll have to wait if you only have the free version of Google Workspace.

7 steps to do it

  1. Open a file in Google Drive.
  2. Click ‘Share’.
  3. Find the user and next to the user’s name, click the down arrow; then add expiration.
  4. To accept the 30-day expiration date, click ‘Submit’.
  5. If you want to change the default due date, click ‘Edit’ and select
  6. a due date on the calendar.
  7. In case you want to remove the expiration date, click ‘Remove’.
  8. Click ‘Done’ and then ‘Submit’.

Image: Google

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