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How to Prevent the Paycheck Loan Scam

There are countless scams that circulate around every day, here we have already mentioned some of them, for example, how to avoid scams on Instagram, and the new scam, the payroll loan.

To prevent this new scam, we have prepared important tips to avoid this type of unpleasant unforeseen event. Follow the tips:

Consigned loan scam. Illustrative image: Google.

Know how to avoid the payroll loan scam

Understand below more about the types of payroll loan scams and learn the right way, how to avoid this headache:

Fake loan to steal data

In some more specific cases, criminals who apply the payroll loan scam can also steal data. Therefore, this respective personal information can give wings to these criminals to take other loans in your name, to commit other crimes of the same type.

Advance deposit for loan

It is important to remember that, in order to release credits, it is never necessary to pay fees. Therefore, if you type of loan offers that requests a deposit, remember that this is a scam.

And in these cases there are still fake employees who serve to capture people’s data and apply the respective scams of this nature.

Learn how to avoid falling into the payroll loan scam

You can block this type of scam in a very simple way, through the My INSSas well as the site itself. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. After having entered your CPF number and password, click on ??appointments and requests??
  2. The dates will appear, click on the new application button;
  3. In the search magnifying glass, type block;
  4. Below will appear the term “block/unblock benefit for payroll loan” click on it;
  5. Abtherexo will ask for your cell phone, landline, enter your contact numbers;
  6. Click on continue and soon your request will be finalized and that’s it;

Are values ​​being discounted? Know what to do:

For situations where amounts are being deducted from your pension or retirement, you must first contact the bank or institution responsible for paying the benefit.

For cases that do not receive an immediate response, contact the central INSS, number 135, through which you can request data from the institution where your benefits are being discounted, in addition to other necessary information;

However, always be aware of any suspicious and unauthorized movement, in order to avoid scams and be monetarily harmed.

In addition to, of course, never trusting people who come into contact asking for account details, passwords and more, whether via whatsapp, apps and other means, such as a landline or cell phone.

After all, numerous denunciations of scams on payroll loans are registered daily by the Central Bank, so it is important to keep your eyes wide open.


For all types of scams that occur every day, it is always important to be aware, especially if you have never applied for loans of the payroll type or also of other types, in addition to services and more.

If you suspect anything, follow our step-by-step instructions above and avoid this type of problem;

And for suspected cases of undue amounts being deducted from your account, quickly contact the financial institution that executes your payments, don’t leave it for later!

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