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How to prevent others from using your images on Instagram Reels? • ENTER.CO

Instagram recently updated its features, including the ability to Remix Reels. This update will allow third parties to make use of your images and videos. But wait, there is still a way you can avoid it and here we tell you about it.

The changes that Instagram has been implementing bring it closer and closer to resembling its rival TikTok. So the adjustments that caused this change in the permission to use images and content also left the possibility open so that it can be avoided. The key in this move is to be very proactive, because the feature is enabled by default, but you will be able to disable it. The most impressive thing is that the process is very simple. If you want your images not to be used by third parties, you must do the following:

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  1. Go to the section of Setting in the Instagram app.
  2. Then go to the menu Privacy.
  3. click on Reels and remixes
  4. At this point a series of options will appear. There you can choose the degree of limitation you want to put on your images to be used in third-party content. In case you don’t want any, we uncheck all.

Knowing this type of characteristics is important to protect privacy. However, if you are someone who wants to allow only some of your images to be used by third parties, you can still configure it. For this you will have to make a manual configuration to each image or content that you upload to the platform. Through the “More” menu of each publication you can do it this way. In this way you can prevent third parties or anyone from making use of the images, photos, videos and content that you upload to your Instagram profile. This way you protect your products and at the same time maintain your privacy.

Image Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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