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How to prevent being added to groups on WhatsApp?

If you’re tired of the uninterrupted flow of messages coming to your phone, know that it’s easy to avoid being added to groups on WhatsApp.

Prevent being added to groups on Whatsapp it’s important when you start to feel invaded on your own phone. This sensation is caused by the fact that Whatsapp allows any administrator to add us to a group without asking for permission. It’s a bit like someone bringing people into your house uninvited and locking them in your living room with you in there. With the aggravating factor that we may not even know some of these people.

Leave the group or block contacts from people who are constantly wanting to put you in this situation, it is the option that many users of the application take. An impractical option, if the groups are many and are constantly being created, and which prevents the user from continuing to communicate via WhatsApp with the contacts he has blocked.

Since 2019, the application has resolved the issue in a simpler way, creating a new privacy feature in group management. A function similar to the one I had already created for WhatsApp Business the previous year, to prevent companies from joining groups without being invited. If you missed this feature, check here how you can use it to your advantage.

Prevent being added to WhatsApp groups: secret

WhatsApp brought “good education” into the application by creating an invitation system to add members to groups and which can be activated if the user so desires. By default, any user can continue to be added to a group without having a vote on the matter, but if you are one of those who want to activate this invitation system, just follow the steps below, whether you are a android or iphone.

Enter your privacy settings:

Click on the three vertical dots in the top left corner of your app screen and select >Settings. Then follow the path: > Account (Account) > Privacy (Privacy) > Groups (Groups).

Now choose one of the 3 options:

All (All)

This is the option that is selected by default. It means that everyone, including people outside your phone contact list, can add you to groups without your approval.

My contacts (My contacts)

This option will only allow people from your phone contact list to add you to groups without your approval. If any group admin outside that list tries to add him, he will get a pop-up message saying that he cannot add him and that he has to send him an invitation via individual chat by clicking on the INVITE button. You will have three days to accept this invitation before it expires.

My contacts except… (My contacts except)

Only people from your phone contact list can add you without invitation, except those you exclude. If you want, you can exclude the entire list, which means that if someone from your contact list wants to add you to a group, you will have to send them an invitation. This is the best option to choose if you want full control over your joining new groups.

View the group before deciding to join

After the admin sends you an invite to join a certain group, this invitation will be active for 3 days. Receiving the invitation also brings you another advantage. You can access the list of members who are already part of that group. This way you can avoid groups that don’t interest you or where people you want to avoid are.

Prevent being added to WhatsApp groups: why?

Annoying message flow

Even in the most interesting groups, some members are so active they can’t seem to sleep. They can be constantly sending messages creating a frantic rhythm of notifications for those who belong to several groups simultaneously.

Otherwise, it is enough to silence the notifications of some groups with members of this type, the best thing is to reduce the number of groups to which you belong. Fewer groups, less chance of being woken up during the night and easier to read messages from groups that really interest you.

Reduce time spent on the internet

Many groups can be invasive and take up too much time. Either because the conversation is really interesting and you don’t want to leave it, or because they are constantly irritating and provoking you to respond. Fewer groups, less distractions, so you can be more focused and focused on your life outside your cell phone.

Increases your security

The fact that people or companies can add you to any group without your permission puts you at greater risk than if you are just in groups where you choose to be. Bullyingstalking, theft or fraudare things that can more easily enter your cell phone if you don’t control your privacy settings.

And remember that even among people you know, you may be being added to a group where someone you’ve already blocked is. You will not receive your messages, but that blocked contact will be able to read yours.

Avoid fake news groups

Knowing which group you are going to join and what kind of people will be there also helps you to select the type of information you receive on your mobile phone. The aim is to stay away from groups that only convey false, incorrect or biased information.

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