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How to Play Deck | Deck Rules for Games

Want to learn how to play deck of cards correctly? Card games have become very popular, especially in games like Truco and Poker. Poker is a professional modality where a lot of money is placed between the players, you may have seen it in some movies and TV series.

Learn How to Play Cards the 03 most popular types of games.

It may seem strange, but there are cases of people going out with some friends, for example, and that whole group knows how to play cards and only one person doesn’t. So that she doesn’t stay “out” of the fun, she tries to learn some kind of game to fit in. Strange but true. Not to mention it’s pretty easy to learn to play cards??

What this article covers:

How to Play Cards

Of course, there are many ways to play cards. The deck itself is a set of 54 standardized cards, in which various games can be played. Here in Brazil, the most played are Truco and Poker, and the second game mentioned is a little more complicated because there are more details, but nothing that a memorization work don’t solve.

In fact, every card game requires an effort to memorize the rules and combinations of cards, so that you can learn to play. As such, it is important to know that we cannot “force” learning something fast. This is a gradual process and it doesn’t take long, it just requires constant training.

Anyway, whether in a big party with two people, or even a big group, playing cards is a lot of fun and a hobby very interesting. In addition to killing time in an impressive way, card games stimulate reasoning and your intellect, as well as diplomatic skills.

There is an interesting game that can be easily learned with playing cards, and that we are going to detail here, the “pairs game?? Two decks of cards will be needed to play this game.

See how many people are playing and deal an equal amount of cards to each one. Then keep half of the deck of cards for the players to draw (take cards from the stockpile) during the game. Then ask any player to randomly choose a card from the deck, which will be the joker card.

This joker will be placed at the bottom of the pile, face up. That way, all players will be able to see which card is wild. At the beginning of the game, the queen of hearts (red heart) needs to be paired with another red queen of hearts. The joker can pair with any card.

Each player buys cards and sees if they match. If you don’t make a pair, discard it by placing it on the table, and the next player will start his turn. Whoever makes all the pairs first is the winning player. This is a simple game that can be quickly taught to people in a group.

Now, if you want to learn more advanced games like Poker and Truco Online, there are several practical tutorials on the internet that are easy to learn. A very interesting site that can teach you to play poker for example, is PartyPoker.comwhich has an online tutorial that will teach the player all the rules of the Poker game, and can practice against a virtual opponent to train.

Another site that has a good tutorial to learn to play Truco is RKSoft?? The site has applications that can be used in various ways on the computer, and they also sell software for playing truco on the computer. But their tutorial is very explanatory and detailed, and can be read clicking here?? If interested, you can also buy the software for fun. Most importantly, the rules are easy to learn and with time, you’ll get the hang of it and teach others.

We separate for you videos that teach you to play 3 types of card games: Truco, Pife and Poler:

How to Play Poker in 5 Minutes


Each player receives at the beginning, 2 cards that are individual. At the start of the round, 5 cards are placed on the table. Players can use these cards, and the ones in their hand, to combine and make the best hand possible for scoring.

How to play Easy Trick


In the round, there are the strongest cards, the player who puts the strongest card on the table wins the round. The player or pair that wins 2 rounds wins the point and starts a new round.

During the round, players can ask for three options to increase the round’s score: Truco (worth 03 points), Six, Nine and Twelve, increasing the value of the round by 03 points.

How to play Pife in 5 Minutes


The Pife consists of forming games with the cards in hand, being able to buy the cards that are played in the center by the other players.

Game combinations can be made using three cards, in trips (three cards of the same value and different suits) and sequences (three or more cards in a row, of the same suit).

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