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How to place pictures on the wall

When paintings are inappropriately arranged in the environment, the decoration is completely compromised. Depending on the situation, the pending pieces cease to play an aesthetic role and create an effect that devalues ​​the other decorative elements and compromises the whole scenario. See here how to decorate with pictures by correctly distributing them on the walls.

Symmetrical composition of two paintings that occupy the same wall. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Artwork on the walls

to add artwork on the walls residential it is necessary to have common sense to worry about the compatibility between the parts used. There must also be a dialogue between the room decorated with paintingsan empathy that will certainly reflect on the well-being of residents and visitors.

Although it seems simple, the distribution of frames in space is not an easy task. It is necessary to create an aesthetic organization in the room and fight the visual pollution that harms most of the houses that bet on outstanding works of art🇧🇷

Two environments with frames

The composition features several frames with different sizes.(Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for hanging pictures on the walls

Check out some rules below that may be useful when working with paintings in the decoration🇧🇷

• In case of a frame with important meaning or that has been painted by a great artist, it is necessary to highlight it in the decoration. Choose a wall with visibility and hang the piece. Once this is done, the furniture must be positioned in a way that highlights the frame as the main element.

• In order for the painting to occupy the exact space on the wall, it is important that its axis is 1.60 m above the floor. This arrangement enhances the piece and facilitates the visualizationas it is at eye level for a person of average height.

Frames with geometric figures

The composition of frames is often used to make the environment classic (Photo: Disclosure)

frame composition

• To make a frame composition, there is a classic order to hang them on the wall. The pieces located on the wall behind the sofa must keep a distance of 25 cm from the furniture and respect the field of vision. When the work of art is placed on a piece of furniture, be it a sofa or sideboard, it is important to be centered, both in terms of width and height.

In the case of small pictures, it is not possible to distribute them randomly in the vertical space, it is recommended to group the pieces on a single wall and adopt a criterion for the order.

Pictures on the stairway wall

You can place the paintings on the wall of the stairs (Photo: Disclosure)

frame arrangement

• On a free wall, that is, with no furniture next to each other, it is possible to dare a little more in the picture arrangement🇧🇷 Although the composition offers freedom, it is worth relying on an element that facilitates the alignment of the pieces, as is the case with the door.

Rectangular frame on the wall

A single painting occupies a prominent position in the living room. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several frame models

• You frame templates and the way of positioning depend on the room that will be decorated. Sometimes the piece that has affinity with the proposal of the social area of ​​the house does not match the aesthetics of the room and vice versa. It is important to have this feeling so that the composition on the wall does not become disastrous.

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