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How to perform a ritual to cut a toxic emotional bond

When we cannot release negative thoughts or feelings due to events that left us with a bad experience such as heartbreak, a toxic relationship, addictions, old memories or a traumatic event, it is said that we have a toxic emotional bond and a ritual can help us heal those wounds that tie us to the past.

Every time we form a bond with people or moments, we create an energetic cord that unites and feeds us. This force is not always bad, in fact, when they work positively they allow us to create deep connections and positive attachments.

The problem is that, if something bad happens to us along the way, this bond drains us with negativity. This is when we must “cut” the cord to prevent it from hurting us. This is where rituals come into play.

It is common to do these procedures for bad romantic experiences, however, it is also they can be used for anything else where we have a negative attachment like a painful memory and even an addictionas commented on the site Suggest.com, where they shared the following ritual.

Ritual to cut toxic energy ties

To cast this spell you will need the following: 2 candles, an 8- to 10-inch piece of string or cord, 2 glass or ceramic bowls filled with sea salt, herbs such as palo santo or sage, and a spread plate.

As optional elements you can add a photo (in case you want to break the emotional bond with a person) and your favorite crystals.

Step 1: mark a circle on the floor with the salvo or palo santo while you pray the prayer of your choice and do the rest of the ritual within this circle of protection.

Step 2: Tie the two ends of the rope together to make a circle and twist the rope to form a loop or figure eight.

Step 3: place each of the candles each bowl. If you use quartz put them in the container with salt. Now put the rope on the candles, making sure that it is supported by the wicks.

Step 4: Light the candles with a wooden match. She closes her eyes and imagines what you want to release. Open your eyes and if you use a photo, burn it with one of the flames.

step 5: Repeat this sentence: “I now cut and release any and all energy cords that do not serve my highest good. I release you and release myself from these bonds. All cords are destroyed, through all dimensions, times, and planes, never to return.”

step 6: wait for the flame to “cut” the rope that connects them. As it burns say this prayer: “I hereby banish these energy cords and now restore all energy that was once lost. My energy flows back to me, filling me once again with vitality and now creating a peaceful energetic boundary of love and light.”

step 7: close your eyes and visualize that the positive energy returns to you.

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