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how to pay without barcode?

Darf is a means of making payments, very similar to boleto, except for the absence of a barcode. In this sense, for the debt to be settled through the Federal Revenue Collection Document, it would be necessary to go to a bank branch or use internet banking.

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What is DARF?

It is a document that works as a guide and aims to obtain the fees, contributions and taxes that are included in financial actions. Its use is essential for companies and physical workers, as it makes accurate payments to the Federal Revenue, such as CSLL, COFINS, IRPJ, PIS, IFO and others.

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Darf also serves to help people, as it prevents non-compliance with obligations from occurring and also guarantees security in payment and tax criteria.

How does DARF work without the barcode?

Due to the absence of a barcode, your means of payment can be through internet banking, where you will need to access the website and fill in some fields.

Another way would be the bank where you will need the CPF, some information and the selection of the calculation period.

How to pay the DARF without the barcode?

Payment can be made through the PIX, as the document now has a QR code, and for that you only need to access the pix, go to the QR code reading option, check it, confirm the data and complete the discharge.

Another way to make the payment is through the internet banking, which when accessed, just click on “payments”, select “taxes” and press “Darf”, after that, just fill in the data and finish. However, it needs to be an authorized bank, such as Itau, Bradesco, Caixa and others!

To execute the payment through digital banks and even generate the Darf, it is necessary that a barcode be created. In this sense, it is important to access Sicalc on the internet or in the application, choose the option for your municipality, enter the essential data and print the document.

In situations where the operation needs to be done through bank accounts, just enter the institution’s application, go to the “menu”, then “payments”, then select “Darf without barcode” or “taxes and fees” fill in with your data and make the payment.

Darf offers you several options to settle your debt, in addition to providing security and peace of mind.

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