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How to pay off financing from Banco Pan?

If you are in doubt about how to pay off PAN Bank financing, this article is for you!

Banco PAN offers numerous benefits to its customers, one of which is vehicle financing. This payment method has become popular in Brazil and is one of the most used ways to buy high-value products, in the tens of thousands of reais, an amount that is difficult to cover by credit limits.

For most people who do not have that amount of credit, the solution is to resort to financing. This financing is done by a bank that accepts to guarantee that the amount will be paid by you, of course, with interest and if you do not pay, your vehicle will be taken.

But if you want to pay off your financing with Pan bank, we will teach you the advantages below.

What this article covers:

With PAN bank financing, you can divide the payment of the entire debt into up to 60 months, at compound interest plus taxes. But to do it is very easy! Whether on the mobiauto platform or talking directly to a partner representing the PAN bank you first consult and choose which financing option is best for you.

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This part is important, check each and every financing option carefully, remember that you will probably pay for it for years. Have you chosen your most suitable financing option? Great, now take all the necessary paperwork for financing, documents such as proof of address, CPF, RG and deliver to the representative or attachment on the mobiauto platform.

After reviewing the financing request, the financing papers will be given to you to be signed and confirmed the financing from the PAN bank. If the process was completely digital, then the PAN bank financing may have your digital signature. After all this, just pay and settle your PAN bank financing.

What is the advance payment of vehicle financing?

Paying off PAN bank financing in advance means that you will now pay a portion of your total invoice. However, by law, this discharge comes without the interest that the financing charges on the installments, and in addition, you also deduct the total amount and the total installments.

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So you save twice: when paying off the PAN bank financing, you reduce the amount, and reducing the amount, the number of installments drops and the compound interest charged on future installments disappears.

When is it worth paying off PAN bank financing in advance?

You can pay off PAN bank financing whenever you receive some amount of money that you would not use for something urgent. Situations such as profit sharing, salary bonus, Christmas bonus, FGTS, sale of the old car, and even failing to pay for some luxuries are perfect situations to deduct in total and pay off the PAN bank financing.

It is the same process to finance any vehicle through PAN bank. Just look for a representative or access the mobiauto portal.

Benefits of financing a car or motorcycle in PAN

Banco PAN offers numerous financing alternatives for you to choose the best one for you, in addition to encouraging and giving you the option to pay off the financing from Banco PAN whenever you think it’s best.

How does vehicle financing work?

Vehicle financing works with the vehicle itself as guarantee of payment, which will be withdrawn from the customer if he defaults on payment.

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