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How to pay Nubank IPVA?

For those who own vehicles for many years, all the bureaucracy of paying the IPVA has become a tradition, but did you know that you can have this payment facilitated and pay the IPVA from Nubank? This option made available by the digital bank, one of the most popular in the country, is designed to facilitate the payment of this fee to its customers.

With technology, financial processes are increasingly simplified and facilitated, and if you want comfort when paying your IPVA then choose to pay the IPVA from Nubank!

What this article covers:

How much does the Nubank IPVA cost?

If you want to pay the IPVA at Nubank but still don’t know how the calculation of the IPVA value works and how much it costs, we will try to guide you.

First, to clear up some confusion surrounding this rate, let’s be clear: the rate varies according to the states of the union. So let’s say you have the same car, the same model, the same year and the same conditions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and another in Ceará, the IPVA value it might still be different.

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This arbitrariness ends up confusing who will end up paying the IPVA. But in general, the value of the IPVA is calculated based on the market value of the car. Generally, states use the famous Fipe table to calculate this average, and a percentage of 2 to 6% is removed from the average of the vehicle’s current value, which will be the total value of the IPVA.

But the states also allow discounts on the total invoice when paid within certain deadlines, especially if it is paid in cash without installments. Something you can also do when paying the Nubank IPVA!

How do I pay the Nubank IPVA?

But if you want to make it easier to pay your IPVA, you can choose to pay the IPVA from Nubank, in a very simple and practical way.

How do I pay the Nubank IPVA

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Nubank has thousands of customers across Brazil and is probably the best known digital bank in our country. And it also already offers a payment for the IPVA. First, the taxpayer must have his IPVA slip in hand (whether physical or digital) and then open his Nubank application. In the Nubank application, the customer must:

  • Access your account;
  • Access the “pay slip” option;
  • Enter the IPVA slip code or, if you prefer, scan the barcode.

But it is very important to pay attention to the IPVA portion chosen for payment. The boleto has several options such as payment in cash or installments that must be paid in their correct order. So attention to detail is very important.

When is the Nubank IPVA due?

The digital bank does not charge anything for paying Nubank’s IPVA! It is completely free as long as you are a bank customer and have a balance in your account.

What happens if I don’t pay the Nubank IPVA?

Although not paying the IPVA is not considered a fine on the wallet, nor driving a car with the IPVA expired, if you do not pay the IPVA for your vehicle you will not be able to license it. And this is indeed considered a serious offense that generates a fine, points in the license and the car is seized if it is caught in any inspection by the authorities.

How can I avoid paying the Nubank IPVA?

To avoid going through all the constraints on account of the expired IPVA, be sure to pay your IPVA correctly through Nubank and stay free of this tax until next year.

Now that you know how to pay Nubank’s IPVA, don’t waste time and access your app now to pay the fee!

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