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How to pay MEI debts in installments?

First, it is necessary to ensure that the debts of all MEIs must be paid by this Thursday, the 30th. Otherwise, they will be registered in the Active Debt of the Union.

What this article covers:

How can microentrepreneurs pay debts in installments?

The micro-entrepreneur will be able to make the payment of all his debts in arrears through installments, and it can be done in the e-CAC or not Simple Nacional Portal??

If you choose e-CAC, access the portal on the Federal Revenue website and enter your access code or digital certificate. Remember, that both can be obtained from the portal. Afterwards, go to the Installment-Microentrepreneur Individual option.

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From this moment on, you will be redirected to a new page where all your debts will be shown, just check them and make the payment in installments, as in this way the DAS will be issued for the payment of the first installment.

The installment will only become valid from the moment the payment of the first installment falls. In addition, it is important to pay before the due date, including after the first installment, which will always be done by the last working day of each month.

Payment in installments through the Simples Nacional Portal

Access the Simple Nacional Portal and go to option simei, then click on Services and choose Installment, as then Installment-Microentrepreneur Individual will appear. Finally, it is enough to issue the DAS and pay the first installment, in addition, the system will be the same as that of the e-CAC portal.

What can happen if MEI is in Active Debt?

Many MEIs have no idea, but the losses of being placed in the Active Debt could make them lose all social security benefits, in addition to bearing the costs of the union process and being excluded from Simples Nacional.

All micro-entrepreneurs who have debts before the year 2017 and who have not made the due payments up to the present day, will have their names sent directly to the Attorney General of the National Treasury, and will be placed in the Active Debt of the Union.

Avoid turning your debts into a snowball, which may be difficult to get out of later. Keep up to date with your pending items so you don’t lose your benefits.

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