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How to pay boleto using PIX?

With advances in technology, payment methods have become even easier to use. And a format that has currently revolutionized is Pix, where it is possible to pay boleto just using the tool and practically instantly and at no cost.

What this article covers:

Boleto payment through Pix works the same way as a spot payment, the difference is that the amount is not passed to a cashier, but directly to the bank.

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And with that, the practicality of being able to make a payment by bank slip is much greater, since there is no need to print the document, for example. Just pay using the code informed on it.

Which PIX key to use to pay boleto?

As the Pix keys are different, you do not need to use a specific Pix key for this payment. It is possible that you will be able to use the one that suits you best at the moment, be it by CPF number, email or cell phone number.

Just like any other payment method, you need to be careful when paying a boleto. This is because there is a possibility of entering a wrong code and paying another random bill and not the desired one.

For this, it is good to be careful when paying, and always analyze whether in fact the amount matches what you want to make the payment in question.

How to pay boleto at the end of the week using PIX?

One of Pix’s biggest advantages is that it doesn’t have a specific time to make payments, i.e. it’s possible to pay boletos and transfers at any time or day, even on the weekend.

What you should be aware of is that when paying a ticket on the weekend, confirmation of the same may take some time and may only be confirmed on Tuesday, for example.

There are several forms of payment per pix other than slips, it is possible, for example, to buy the view in some stores on the internet, you just need to scan the Pix code on the screen, and the payment is compensated at the same time. Another way is the possibility of being able to withdraw money from your credit card through Pix on some sites like RecargaPay for a small interest.

Pix is ​​a revolution in Brazilian means of payment, and it left everything quickly and practically without the previous bureaucracies.

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