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How to pay at the ATM with Caixa Tem?

Payments via Caixa Tem are growing more and more, due to benefits such as Emergency Aid. It is possible to make payments through Caixa Tem in several ways, and one of them is through the machine.

But what can you do to pay at the POS with Caixa Tem? We will now see what Caixa Tem is, what it is used for and also how to make payments at the machine with it. Check out!

What this article covers:

What is Caixa Tem?

Caixa Tem is an application created for mobile devices, specifically Android and IOS. Available in app stores since April 2020, this Caixa app was made for users to receive Emergency Aid and also the emergency FGTS withdrawal, but it goes beyond that.

What is Caixa Tem used for?

In addition to receiving benefits such as FGTS and emergency aid, Caixa Tem users can access various features within the App, such as withdrawing money without a card, making bank transfers, paying at the POS and they can also use the app as a debit card. virtual.

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Similar to other virtual wallet applications, Caixa Tem works as a kind of savings account for the user, however, at no cost. In addition to receiving the money and being able to move it at will, the app also provides information to its users about all the benefits of the Government.

How to use Caixa Tem in the card machine?

Users of this app do not receive physical cards from the App, but it is still possible to pay at the POS with Caixa Tem. Some stores, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., accept Caixa Tem as a payment method.

To pay with Caixa Tem, inform the store clerk that you will make the payment through the app, then open the app and go to the ”pay at the machine” function. When the camera is triggered, point it at the QR Code generated by the machine, now just verify the information and confirm the purchase.

Which machines accept emergency aid from Caixa Tem?

Basically, all machines accept payment through Caixa Tem, among which we can highlight modern PagseguroPoint pro in the market, Safra Pay Smart and also SuperGet Chip + Wifi.

Caixa Tem: how to pay at the mini-machininha?

Some machines do not have the function to generate QR Codes, but it is still possible to make the payment through Caixa Tem. To do this, just use Caixa’s virtual card, through the apps responsible for the machine.

Cashier There's a way to pay in the minizinha

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In the Pagseguro App, for example, the seller just needs to enter the App and go to the charge function, and choose the QR Code as the payment method. The code will be generated on the seller’s cell phone screen, so all the customer has to do is point the cell phone camera (via the pay at the POS function) at the QR Code and complete the purchase.

How to use Caixa’s virtual debit card Does it have a machine?

In addition to paying at the POS, Caixa Tem users can make payments with Caixa’s virtual card. To do this, the user only has to go to the “virtual card” function and insert the password that he created when registering.

After that, card data will be generated such as validity and also the security code. With this information in hand, it is already possible to make payments with your Caixa Tem virtual card.

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