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How to paint MDF?

MDF is a versatile and easy to handle material. It is normally used to manufacture furniture and decorative objects. There is also the possibility of transforming them into exclusive pieces through artisanal techniques.

MDF is a material that requires care when painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

O MDF (Medium Density Fiber) It is manufactured with wood chips, which are crushed and compressed to form the sheets. In recent times, the material has been mainly used for make boxeswhich serve to organize objects or give gifts.

Those who are starting to work with MDF are usually in doubt about painting. There are difficulties to prepare the surface that will receive the finish and also to set the best ink🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Step by step to paint MDF

Check it out below how to paint mdf🇧🇷

1. Apply sealer to raw MDF surface🇧🇷 Wait 10 minutes for the product to dry completely.

2. Use fine sandpaper (greater than 180 grit) to sand the wood smoothly for a smooth appearance.

3. If the wood is not smooth, sand the surface again.

To make the MDF smooth, use sandpaper. (Photo: Disclosure)

4. The MDF piece painting must be done with synthetic enamel🇧🇷 The product has good fixation and resistance.

5. If the idea is paint the MDF in a quick and practical way, so it’s worth betting on spray paint. It has the advantage of drying quickly and ensures a uniform finish.

6. To leave the MDF piece with a more defined color, it is worth applying a second coat of paint.

7. After drying, use a bread wrapper to “sand” the painted surface to remove any imperfections.

8. Apply another layer of paint to finish the process.

Tips and care when customizing MDF

Decorated MDF box. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The MDF piece must dry in the shade, preferably on a flat surface.

• For a perfect finish, the MDF piece needs to be smoothclean and free of greasy residues.

• It is important to be careful with excess paint, as it can leave stains from running on the piece.

• If the intention is to make the most of a color tone, then it is necessary to use a white background when applying the first coat of paint🇧🇷

• The paints that are normally used to paint walls, called PVA, should not be used to do this. MDF finish🇧🇷 They peel off easily and are not durable.

• When preparing the paint, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are stated on the packaging.

• In addition to paint, MDF can also be customized with decorative stickers or fabrics.

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