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how to paint formica furniture

You formica furniture are part of the decoration of many homes, integrating kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, among other environments. The material has as main characteristic the extremely smooth surface馃嚙馃嚪 It is also heat and moisture resistant and ensures easy cleaning.

Formica furniture can be given a new look with a painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

If by chance the formica piece it is aged or out of trend, it is possible to reform it through a new painting.

What this article covers:

The choice of ink

Formica is a smooth material, so it is usually resistant to painting. See some products and their indications for finishing:

PVA acrylic paint: it fixes well and has good coverage, but any rubbing can end up scratching the surface.

Spray paint: it is considered slightly better than PVA, but also about with risks.

Epoxy paint is the best option for painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

Epoxy paint: this product is known for allowing you to paint tiles, but it can also be applied to formica. The result of the work is a satin finish, with slight reflections where the light hits. Another advantage is the very mild smell of the paint, which promises not to bother residents. Epoxy paint is the best option for strength and durability.

Oil based enamel paint: a popular choice for painting Formica furniture. Drying time may take longer compared to other types of paint.

melamine inks: guarantees a robust finish for the Formica furniture. This type of ink is thicker and stiffer.

Formica furniture: learn how to paint

It is important that the surface of the furniture is free of dust or grease. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check it out below how to paint formica furniture馃嚙馃嚪

1. Clean the furniture surface using trisodium phosphate. This product will remove dust, grease and also some of the glossy finish, making painting easier.

2. Attach medium-grit sandpaper to a sander and go over the surface of the furniture. The work must be carried out until the part becomes smooth to the touch and opaque, thus creating an adhesion situation.

3. Using a foam roller, apply a primer to the furniture and allow the product to dry for four hours. Choose a primer formulated for smooth surfaces.

4. Use the foam roller to apply the paint, always looking for a uniform finish. Let it dry. If the paint is weak, give it another coat.

5. If there are drip marks, simply sand and touch up the paint.

6. For protect painted formica of cracks, apply a coat of polyurethane with a good quality brush.

The Formica painting technique can be practiced on different furniture, especially kitchen cabinets that have fallen into monotony.

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