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How to organize your bathroom on a budget

Look how to organize your bathroom on a budget🇧🇷 Even though it is one of the least visible rooms in the house, the environment must also be pleasant, clean and organized.

How to organize your bathroom on a budget. (Ilustrative Photo)

In addition to making the bathroom more beautiful, the organization allows you to take advantage of every space in the room and contributes to the cleanliness of the environment. It is worth remembering that humidity prevents a wide variety of objects from being stored in the bathroom, so it is necessary to prioritize only essential utensils.

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How to organize your bathroom on a budget

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bathroom organizer

The object can be found in plastic, wood or cloth, has several compartments and is great for storing personal hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, combs, barrettes, skin creams, makeup brushes, etc. The best place for the organizer is behind the door.

Organizers are great for bathrooms. (Ilustrative Photo)

Dirty clothes basket

The laundry basket is essential to keep the bathroom organized, ideally it should not be on display or be used to decorate the environment. The materials of the clothes baskets available on the market are resistant, some have a padded lid and can also be used as a stool.


Through the shelves you can make better use of the free space on the walls. (Ilustrative Photo)

The shelves can be installed on any bathroom wall and serve to keep various types of objects organized, such as face towels, hygiene products or decoration items. The size and number of shelves must be defined according to the size and space available in each bathroom.

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Hooks help save space, as they are small objects and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. The number of hooks should be proportional to the number of people using the bathroom and prevent towels from being scattered around the house after a shower.

sink trays

The trays are great for keeping the bathroom sink in order, they are found in various sizes, shapes and colors. Through the trays, it is possible to prevent soaps, moisturizers and perfumes from coming into direct contact with the countertop. They are also useful as a support for decorative objects.

Create niches to take advantage of the space. (Ilustrative Photo)

niches in the box

Niches are decorative objects that also help organize the environment. Install a niche inside the box to store shampoos, conditioners, sponges, etc.

Jars for products and small objects

To prevent small objects or hygiene products from being thrown around the bathroom or being damaged by moisture, store them in small pots. Give preference to glass or acrylic ones, place them on shelves or leave them over the sink.

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Enjoy all the tips how to organize your bathroom on a budget and make your new decoration! In addition, continue on Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about organization.

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