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How to organize the house on a budget

Organization is key to a home. When everything is clean and in order, residents feel more comfortable to rest and carry out their day-to-day tasks. In addition to providing well-being, a well organized housing It also makes good use of space.

Glass jars reused in the organization. (Photo: Disclosure)

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep the house tidy🇧🇷 In fact, just follow some tips to organize the mess in the house and try to assume a sustainable posture.

To be eco-friendly and save money while organizing worth investing in ideas related to recycling and reuse🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Low cost organization tips

See below for a selection of tips on how to organize the house on a budget🇧🇷

• You ice cream pots, which would be thrown in the trash, can be reused in the organization of the house. Residents can label containers and store different items, such as cleaning products, cookies, sachets for toilet bowls, among others;

Shoe boxes used to organize clothes. (Photo: Disclosure)

• At shoe boxes can be used to store children’s toys and school supplies. The little ones can customize the containers with drawings and collages;

• The resident can ask for boxes at the supermarket for organize the houseafter all, this type of establishment has pieces of different sizes;

• A very nice mug can turn into a pen holder, which will be close to the computer or phone;

• Plastic crates contribute to a more relaxed decor and also leave the environment organized;

• Colored buckets with labels can also be used to store children’s toys;

• PVC pipes help to organize the wines;

Chocolate cans contribute to the organization of the bathroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Chocolate cans can be used to store towels in the bathroom;

• The resident can reuse oil cans or tomato pasta to keep cutlery organized in the kitchen;

• You glass jars, which were previously used to store mayonnaise and jam, are perfect for storing spices. They also serve to organize threads, screws and nails;

• The bathroom bench can be organized with a snack and cutlery holder;

• The egg box gains a new function inside the office drawer, after all, it serves as a divider;

• A pitcher can gain space near the stove to store cutlery that is most used on a daily basis.

Put into practice the simple tricks to organize the house and provide a more pleasant home for the whole family.

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