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How to organize pots in the kitchen

The so utilitarian little pots are without a doubt fundamental resources in every kitchen, which in addition to improving the preparation of various foods, are capable of storing them safely and efficiently. However, every housewife struggles with how to store them, as the lids disappear or become disorganized in such a way as to hinder our recipes more than to provide complete support. So, for those who want more convenience, see below how to organize pots in the kitchen🇧🇷

See how to organize your pots in a simple and effective way (Photo: Disclosure)

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Start with cleaning the kitchen

Before going out shopping for different items, start by tidying up your kitchen and separating a cupboard for each item. That is, the pots must have their specific places, as well as the tablecloths, dishes and other various resources. Separate environment for organize the pots betternow it’s time to select the type of product you should have, so as not to run the risk of repeating the container or still not finding a use for it.

Here are some tips for organizing your kitchen cupboards.

Start by organizing your kitchen and having a special cupboard for pots (Photo: Disclosure)

Select before buying

Resist the impulses of buy plastic pots on sale and end up not finding space to store them, making access even more difficult. Opt for a definite pattern and if it helps, choose different colors to designate the size of each pot. That is, the 500 ml ones with red caps, the 250 ml ones with green caps and so on.

The colors help to further improve the organization (Photo: Disclosure)

organizing the pots

For organize pots in the kitchen, prefer models with a straight lid, which allow you to stack other things on top of them and thus not leave objects loose and lost inside the closet. If the type allows it, insert one inside the other to guarantee more space and make it easier to use the most suitable one.

Standard-shaped pots ensure more organization, without leaving undesirable plastic packaging scattered around the kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

It is important to point out that the pots that follow the same pattern are the best to have in the fridge or on your kitchen counter, so that they fit perfectly and prevent unwanted plastic packaging from taking up space and getting in the way of your tasks. So take advantage of these tips on how to organize plastic pots in the kitchen and ensure a practical, beautiful and versatile environment!

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