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How to Organize a Simple and Cheap Wedding

When it comes to marriage, especially for women, it becomes a very important event and no matter how simple the ceremony is, the first step is planning. Know how to organize a simple and cheap wedding it is fundamental for the bride not to be left without a party.

Organizing a wedding is a very complicated task, imagine one that is simple and low cost (Photo: Disclosure)

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organize a wedding

To make a simple and inexpensive wedding, you must first keep in mind what you want done. It is important to plan everything, the financial availability, the time the bride and groom have to organize everything, and the time available to research the numerous options of details on the market.

It’s not because money is tight, and the bride and groom are on a tight budget, that it’s not possible to have a wedding with everything that the bride and groom are entitled to. We, from Mundo das Tribos, will help the bride and groom to organize a simple and cheap wedding step by step this very important day without spending too much, after all, starting a life as a couple always requires expenses, but let’s try to reduce them as much as possible.

Choosing the date is very important, even more so for those who want to save money (Photo: Disclosure)

Choice of wedding date

Choose the date without many glories, avoid holidays or special dates. The civil ceremony, there is no way to escape or save. The religious ceremony, on the other hand, should be scheduled in the church and preferably opt for days when there will be more weddings, so that brides who get married on the same day share the decoration of the church, and the cost will be lower. If you know someone who has a large place to hold the reception, ask to borrow it, it can be a large house, a hall, a small farm, or any place you want to receive your guests.

The hall for the party can be borrowed or even outdoors (Photo: Disclosure)

hall for the party

If you are a member of a club, most of them offer free lounges or at a much lower cost for members, which becomes an option. If you have a computer and a good printer, you can print your invitations yourself. There are websites on the internet that offer several invitation models, so you will only have to spend on paper and envelopes. To make these invitations more chic, write with a gold or silver pen, and place a small detail such as a simple satin ribbon on the seal, or buy small flower arrangements and place one on each invitation, this will already give a difference to what was previously simple and common.

Ceremony clothing can be rented or borrowed by someone who has already married (Photo: Disclosure)

wedding ceremony outfit

The ceremony clothes can be rented and with a good negotiation, you can get gifts in accessories and clothes for the pages and groomsmen, which ends up being even cheaper, there are stores that when you rent the wedding dress, they offer the accessories, the clothes of the couple of pages, and the suit of two groomsmen, you can even take one of the suits made available to the groomsmen and use it for your groom.

Decorating the reception hall can be done by yourself, buy flower vases from those cheap ones, and decorate them with the color of your party, the tablecloths can be bought plain. For the reception, depending on the menu you chose, you won’t spend much, and the best thing to do for drinks is to buy them from direct representatives on consignment, so if you have any leftovers, you can return them and you only pay for what you consumed.

There are many tips that can help save on organizing the graduation party (Photo: Disclosure)

important tips

The souvenirs of this day can also be made by the bride and groom, just choose the one that pleases you the most, print cards with your photo and the date of the wedding, and put them together. If you want to hire both photo and filming, get both in the same package, so the cost also decreases.

The bride’s hair can even be arranged at the salon, but if there is someone in your group of friends who knows how to use makeup correctly, she can do it for you, because the makeup is heavier, and saving more this item, your pocket will definitely appreciate it.

With all these tips, the bride and groom will be able to carry out the union in a way that does not go unnoticed and that remains eternal, not only for the newlyweds, but for everyone. After all, this moment must be shared with the people who are part of our lives and who love us, so this investment, even if small, will be worth it.

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