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How to organize a debutante party

Organizing a 15th birthday party is not an easy task. The person who will be responsible for the preparation should dedicate a lot of time to the preparation of the festival. One of the ways to save and organize is to choose suppliers in advance. In addition, the closer to the date of the celebration, the greater the difficulty in finding professionals who are available for the function. know how to organize a debutante party🇧🇷

The 15th birthday party is a milestone in the girl’s life. (Photo: publicity)

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Organizing the debutante party

Organize a debutante party it is not an easy task, even more so when it comes to such an important and remarkable ceremony. The debutante party is one of the most anticipated parties for teenagers, as it marks the transition in a woman’s life. Find below the roadmap to help in the realization of the fifteen birthday party🇧🇷

  • a year before – during this period, the organizer must choose the day of the party and then decide to reserve the ballroom. A good tip is to search the internet or seek help from acquaintances to choose the location that meets the needs of the event.
  • eight months before – at this stage, the girl should start choosing the dress. For girls who want to choose an exclusive dress, it is important to start researching clothing stores. Depending on the complexity of the dress, the seamstresses will need up to six months to complete the job.
  • six months before – this is the ideal time to start inviting the couples who will be dancing the waltz on the day of the wedding. debutant party🇧🇷 The organizer should also have in mind which dress model which will be used by them.
  • five months before – at this time, the hiring of the photo and filming team should begin, in addition to the choice of the company that will take care of the debutante party decoration on site. It is important to mention that these services require professionals to know the space and understand the style that the debutante wants to have in the house.

    Find out how to organize the fifteenth birthday party. (Photo: publicity)

  • four months before – during this period, it is ideal to order the invitations and souvenirs that will be distributed on the day of the party. Cake and pastries must also be ordered and chosen at this time.
  • three months before – in this phase, the girl must choose the place where she will do her hair and makeup. She should also take advantage of the period to try on the dress that will be used at the party.
  • two months before – the sending of invitations must start during this period.
  • One month before – the birthday girl or organizer should take advantage of this period to go over the songs that will be played during the ceremony.
  • A week before– in this last period, the woman should take the opportunity to relax and confirm her presence and perform the last dress fitting. This is also the time to adjust the small adjustments and assess what is missing for the event to be a success!

    To have a debutante party organized, a lot of dedication is needed. (Photo: publicity)

THE debutant party it is a milestone in a woman’s life. However, for the event to be remembered positively by both the birthday girl and the guests, it is important to focus on the organization. After knowing some tips of how to organize the debutante partyjust follow them and celebrate.

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