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How to open free MEI quickly and simply!

Leaving informality is a desire of many Brazilian workers. This is because having a regulated occupation guarantees very important advantages and rights, such as the ability to obtain credit or even social security benefits, such as the possibility of retirement, for example.

It was precisely to ensure the regulation of more workers that the government created, in 2008, the MEI. In addition, MEI also emerged to give opportunity to people who want to start undertaking.

In this text you will understand how the process to open MEI for free works. Continue with the text and clear your doubts.

What this article covers:

How to open free MEI?

To become a MEI for free, just follow a few simple steps. First, register on the government services portal, available at this link?? There, a simple account is required, which can also be done through the Meu gov.br application. After that, comes the opening of the MEI itself. To open the MEI just enter the Entrepreneur Portal, click on the option “Formalize yourself” and fill in what is requested. You don’t need to pay anything.

Is it difficult to open free MEI?

The whole process is done online and is very simple. Just follow the steps determined on the Entrepreneur Portal platform and provide the requested data. After completing the process of creating the MEI, registrations will be made with the CNPJ, the INSS and the Board of Trade. Okay, after that you will already be formalized.

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To prove this formalization, the Individual Microentrepreneur Condition Certificate (CCMEI) can be issued, a single document that can be issued at the end of the MEI creation process. This document guarantees that you are now a MEI and also eliminates the need to sign papers or send copies of personal documents, which makes the procedure simpler. Everything is done over the internet.

Do you have to pay to create MEI?

The creation of the MEI, described above, is completely free. You pay nothing at the time of registration. But this does not mean that MEI is completely free of tax obligations. After becoming MEI, the micro-entrepreneur must pay, monthly, the Simplified Collection Document (DAS), which costs an average of R$ 50.00. The equivalent of 5% of the minimum wage is also charged to the INSS.

These are the steps to open your MEI free and over the internet. But, before doing so, do not forget to research your business to check its viability in your region.

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