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How to open a savings account at Banco do Brasil

Savings, even in relation to so many investments currently accessible, with the arrival of innovations brought by the internet, is still a popular form of investment in our Brazil. And many people still prefer to keep their money there, without thinking about other types of income.

And one of the most famous banks that people use the most is Banco do Brasil, with that, many people are in doubt about how to open a savings account in this bank correctly and for that we will teach you how to do this process.

What this article covers:

What is the Banco do Brasil savings account?

Banco do Brasil savings is a form of financial reserve type, in which people store their savings there, in order to receive some return on interest based on the Selic rate. And with that constantly increasing this value with the income it offers to customers.

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Banco do Brasil income rates may vary according to this rate, which can commonly be between 0.5% per month in relation to the amount deposited in the person’s account.

How does the Banco do Brasil savings account work?

It works both for those who want to leave their money to earn, and for just keeping it. This is because banks do not usually charge a maintenance fee for savings accounts, as the services offered for this type of account are limited compared to a checking account.

What are the types of BB savings account?

There are several types of savings formats at the bank. Many of them no longer allow depositing values ​​in them, since they are old formats. And the most famous are Poupança Ouro and Poupança Poupex.

These two shapes are most often created automatically when opening this shape in Bank of Brazil??

How to open your savings account at Banco do Brasil?

There are two ways to open an account at this bank, through the application or through the bank branch in your city. For this, you need to have all the identifying documents in hand so that the bank can validate your identity.

With the information you must inform the type of account you want to make, which in this case is savings, and the employee or the application system will validate your information and approve your registration.

What documents are needed to open a BB savings account?

To carry out this opening, the bank requires your CPF, identity document and proof of income. Depending on the savings format, these documents increase, but when it comes to the common one, these are the main ones you need when opening the account.

What is the initial amount to open a BB savings account?

There is no minimum amount to start a BB savings account, just leave at least 5.00 for the account to remain active. Otherwise, after a certain period of time, it is closed automatically.

Banco do Brasil is one of the most used in our country, and without a doubt many people want to put money in savings. And for that, the bank is one of the best currently in this matter.

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