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How to make your style look more exclusive without costing the shirt – ten tips

Now that we are starting to go out into the world again, many people are looking over the closet. Do you also have a desire for your style to look more exclusive but with a bit of a tight budget to do just that? With a few simple tricks, you can give a more luxurious impression – without it costing the shirt!

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Below we list ten simple tricks you can use when reviewing your wardrobe for autumn and winter. With a few simple key pieces and a holistic approach, you can go a long way and exude an exclusive style, for a fairly cheap price!

A figure-hugging jacket

If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s the perfect blazer. With a classic cut and color, you should try to find a jacket that also flatters the figure. Feel free to take a look at the second-hand shops if you want to get away really cheap.

Dark jeans

A pair of well-fitting dark jeans need not be expensive. Dark denim, on the other hand, exudes something sophisticated, and combined with a well-fitting blazer, you will fit in just as well in the office as out to dinner with friends.

Keep track of the materials

If you sharpen your eyes a little, you can try to keep an eye on materials, rather than clothing marks. Exclusive materials can often be found at good prices second hand, and materials such as cashmere and silk give a luxurious impression. Black bags usually age better than brown ones. Here it may be worth spending a few kroner on a timeless model. There are good quality bags that are similar to designer bags, but at a fraction of the price.

Take care of your shoes

Make sure to take care of your shoes properly. Impregnate and lubricate, and even a pair of older leather shoes can be comfortable, properly cleaned and look exclusive.

Don’t miss the hairstyle

If you spend this much time on your outfit, it’s also important not to forget your hair. Use accessories to elevate your look. Hats and barrettes can take you a long way.

The nice coat

Last but not least, it is important to invest in a good coat. Feel free to invest in black and materials such as wool. The coat is a classic garment that works with all trends.

Invest in a steamer

With the help of a steamer, you don’t have to walk around with wrinkled clothes. By having smooth and ironed clothes, you automatically give a more elegant impression.

Tone on tone

A simple thing is to choose an entire outfit that goes tone-on-tone. This is a good basic rule for a luxurious and well-thought-out style.

Don’t forget jewelry

With the help of statement jewelry, you can add a very luxurious feel to your outfit. Gold-colored jewelry often also feels more exclusive than silver.

Be careful with clothing care

With the help of a lint remover, you give the clothes a longer life but also make them look like new! Pure and clean are good watchwords for an exclusive clothing style.

Source: Reader’s Digest

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