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How to make your foundation last – the expert’s best tips

Many people struggle with making their makeup last all day, and it is often necessary to touch up the products at some point during the day. With the best tips from the experts, we remedy this problem with four simple steps in your skin care and makeup routine!

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It is possible to make the makeup last a whole day, as long as you do a good foundation and use the right products. Below we tell you how to go about making your makeup last from morning to night.

Step 1: Moisture

The key to long-lasting makeup lies in your skin care routine. It is the one that sets the foundation and becomes the prerequisite for how well your foundation lasts. Regardless of your skin type, it’s all about finding the perfect product for your skin that hydrates properly.

Step 2: Primer

Some also need to supplement with a primer under the make-up. It can work in different ways, even out skin texture, regulate shine and oil or calm reddened skin. It is also moisturizing and often brightening.

Step 3: Find the right foundation

The most important key in your makeup base is to find a long-lasting foundation that works for your skin’s needs. There is foundation that focuses on radiance and an even skin tone, but there is also stronger coverage for those who want it. For those who want to smooth down oily skin, there are also several good products.

Step 4: Setting Powder/Spray

A good setting spray is the crowning glory and keeps the make-up in place during the day, reducing the risk of it settling into fine lines and creases around the eyes and mouth. In addition, it makes your other products such as foundation, blush, bronzer or highlighter blend together in a natural and beautiful way.

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