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How to make the salary grow? With a remunerated salary account

We all need a current account and resorting to a current account is increasingly common, allowing you to pay not only day-to-day expenses, but also household bills.

The issue is that, often, in addition to not having any income, this account also ends up being a source of expense. In other words, in practice you are paying to have money in the bank.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. It all depends on the salary account you choose. We explain what you should take into account.

What to look for in a salary account?

when you decide open account in a bank there are several aspects to consider. The first is to analyze the offers that exist on the market. Then you should compare the different solutions and, finally, choose the one that is most convenient and advantageous for you.

These are some characteristics that you should take into account when choosing:

An account that remunerates your savings

Remunerating savings and spending less have always been good practices in financial life. In a context of rising prices, inflation and cost containment, receiving more and spending less is even more important.

THE Most Ordered Bankinter Account* is a remunerated account that allows you to receive up to 252 euros** during the first two years of the contract. The Gross Nominal Annual Rate (GNR) is 5% in the first year and 2% in the second for a maximum daily balance of €5,000.

Remuneration is calculated semiannually. However, if the account is associated with a mortgage loan and five credit card purchases are not made each semester, there will be no remuneration.

An account with no account maintenance fee

One of the aspects that weighs most when choosing an account is related to maintenance costs and it is increasingly difficult to find a “free” bank account. However, it’s not impossible.

Although charging an account maintenance commission is the current market practice, there are banks that still do not charge for this service, as is the case with the Conta Mais Ordenado at Bankinter.

Free transfers

Another advantage of the Conta Mais Ordenado Bankinter is the fact that you do not pay to make national transfers through the homebanking??

MBWay purchases and transfers on the Bankinter App also have no associated cost and you are not charged any commission for providing a credit card (annuity)****.

Online account opening

And since time is also money, being able to open your account at any time and without leaving your home is an extra, but equally important, advantage.

To have your Bankinter’s Mais Ordenado Account, you just need to have access to the internet and, if you don’t already have it, download the Bankinter Portugal App on your mobile phone. Afterwards, it only takes a few minutes to complete the process and finally have a salary account that brings you income.

How to sign up for the Most Ordered Bankinter Account?

If you’ve realized all the advantages of having a current account that pays interest and doesn’t charge commissions, then it’s time to open your Mais Ordenado Bankinter account??

There are no minimum or maximum opening amounts, which makes everything even simpler. In fact, it only takes a few (and quick) steps to have your account active.

The first is to download the Bankinter App and select the “Open new account” option. Make sure your Citizen Card is valid and authenticate using the Digital Mobile Key or by videoconference.

If additional documents are requested, you can submit them online, without having to go to a Bankinter branch.

Next, you just have to select the means of payment you want to use and check the documentation relating to the contract. The last step is to wait for account activation.

What are the conditions to join?

To open the Mais Ordenado Bankinter Account, you must have Portuguese nationality, reside in Portugal and be over 18 years old. Another condition is never having had a Mais Ordenado Account as the 1st holder of the associated demand deposit account.

After opening the account, you must pay your salary or pension/retirement with a monthly amount equal to or greater than 800 euros in at least 2 out of 3 months*****??

Open an account in minutes

Forget the commissions and receive more salary in the first two years of the Conta Mais Ordenado Bankinter. Download the Bankinter App for free and open your account online.

*Does not dispense with consulting the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information with Bankinter, SA – Branch in Portugal.

**Remuneration calculated for a balance of €5,000 for a period of 2 years at the Gross Nominal Annual Rate (GNR) of 5% in the 1st year and 2% in the 2nd year, which corresponds to a Net Nominal Annual Rate ( TANL) of 3.60% and 1.44%, respectively. To calculate the TANL, a withholding rate of 28% is considered.
Gross Nominal Annual Rate (GNR) of 5% in the 1st year and 2% in the 2nd year. Half-yearly remuneration calculated on the daily balances of the Mais Ordenado Account, up to a maximum daily balance limit of €5,000, during the first 2 years of the contract from the date of accession. There are no minimum or maximum amounts for opening or maintaining an account. The remuneration will only be applicable if the Account does not have associated home loan products and if the Account has an active Credit Card with at least 5 credit purchase movements during the interest counting cycle. Failure to meet the required access condition implies the extinction of the Mais Ordenado Account with the consequent loss of earnings due on interest.

***Intrabank (domestic) credit transfers and unlimited SEPA + national (interbank) credit transfers, without debit notice, made at Bankinter Particulares (online). SEPA + International, Immediate, Swift, Urgent and Target Credit Transfers are excluded.

****Credit Card is a financing product of Bankinter Consumer Finance, EFC, SA – Branch in Portugal registered with the Bank of Portugal under number 273. Bankinter, SA – Branch in Portugal acts as a Credit Intermediary linked to Bankinter Consumer Finance, EFC, SA – Branch in Portugal. The analysis and granting of credit cards will be considered and decided upon by Bankinter Consumer Finance, EFC, SA – Branch in Portugal.

*****Access and maintenance of the Mais Ordenado Account depend on the monthly fulfillment of the following condition: Monthly domiciliation of salary (or pension/retirement) of a value equal to or greater than €800.00 verified in at least 2 months in every 3 months, via bank transfer with a specific code for the purpose or credit transactions resulting from cash deposit(s), check(s), national SEPA + national or international credit transfers, including via Multibanco network (ATM), as long as it comes from another Credit Institution. The first domiciliation must take place no later than 4 months after the date of accession. If the above condition is no longer met, the offer made available to Bankinter Customers in the Price List in force will be applied, upon communication to the Customer with the minimum period of time legally foreseen for these changes. The mentioned alteration implies the loss of earnings on accruing interest.

Bankinter, SA – Branch in Portugal: Praça Marquês de Pombal, n.º 13, 2nd Floor, 1250-162 Lisbon, registered with the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon under the unique registration and legal person number 980547490. registered for the exercise of banking, financial activity, relating to the provision of investment and insurance mediation services in Portugal with the competent national supervisory authorities (Bank of Portugal – Registration No. 369 and Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority – Registration No. 0V-0028).

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