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How to make the payment of basic services online?

In this time of social isolation caused by the coronavirus, don’t stop doing the payment of your basic services. Here we tell you how to pay without leaving home.

The health contingency caused by the coronavirus worldwide, has caused the payment of basic services to be canceled in person. However, the health crisis does not exempt people who have tax obligations from meeting their financial debts. Due to this, they will now be able to make their payments through digital channels to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you are one of the people who still makes their deposits from the teller window and you don’t know how domicile services with a financial institution, here we share a quick guide to carry out the payment of basic services online. You can also use Utah payroll services.

What basic services can I pay online for health contingency?

  • Light
  • Predial
  • Water
  • Mortgage credit
  • Automotive credit
  • Cable television, telephone and Internet
  • Cell phone
  • departmental cards
  • Credit cards


If the health contingency does not allow you to leave home and you need to pay the electricity bill, you can cover the payment of this service from the comfort of your home. You can do it in two ways:

App CFE with you

Download the CFE Contigo application on your mobile device to check your receipt, make your payment or locate the nearest Customer Service Center.

Likewise, it has other functions such as consumption simulator, fault reporting and direct debit payments with Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards.

Pay on line

Currently, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) allows you to pay your electricity bill online, all you have to do is register on the portal with a username and password.

It also offers to automatically debit the charge in your checking, savings, debit or credit account, and the payment will be reflected one day before the due date.

The banking institutions that it accepts are Citibanamex, BBVA, Banorte, HSBC, Inbursa, Santander, BanBajío, Mercadolibre Pago and American Express.


Other payment of basic services What should you cover during the health contingency is he property payment. However, we advise you to check the official page of the City Council of your municipality, since some cities have decided to postpone the validity of this payment due to the health crisis.

This payment can be made through an electronic transfer with BBVA, Banorte, HSBC, Santander and Citibanamex or via the Internet at the Virtual Treasury of the City Council of your municipality, you only have to enter your password or cadastral account.


If your water bill is soon to expire or you have an overdue debt, you can make the payment online. All you need is access with your 16-digit account number and make the bank transfer with Scotiabank, Citibanamex, Banjercito, Banco Azteca. , Banorte, BBVA, Santander, BanBajío, HSBC, Inbursa, AFIRME, Banca Mifel, etc.

Mortgage credit

Are you paying a mortgage loan? It is very easy to pay for this service during the health contingency. Learn how you can do it:


Infonavit allows payment by credit or debit card from any bank, except American Express. For this you must enter “My Infonavit Account” and make up to 3 payments per month for a maximum amount of $300,000.00 MXN each.


To pay fovissste online You must make the transfer with any credit or debit card, whether Visa or MasterCard, except American Express. The payment will be reflected in a period of 72 hours. Likewise, the minimum amount per Fovissste online payment transaction is $200.00 MXN and the maximum amount is $10,000.00 MXN.

Bank mortgage loan

Banking entities also allow payments to be made directly to the nearest branch, but since we are facing a time of health crisis, the best option will be to pay by transfer to the mortgage loan deposit account.

Remember that it is very important to comply with the mortgage payment, since, in case of not doing so, default interest will be generated and the insurance could be canceled. In addition, it would affect your credit history, as well as your reputation in the credit bureau.

Automotive credit

If you are one of the people who applied for a car loan, it is very important that you do not stop paying your debt. For this reason, if you contracted a credit with a bank, it is easier for you to make an electronic transfer through that institution.

Likewise, the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) announced a new modality for making payments known as Multipagos, which allows transfers to be made from your mobile device and provides reminders up to 3 days before the payment date.

Cable television, telephone and Internet

The payment of basic services online such as cable television, telephony and internet is usually contracted within the same package. We share the best ways to pay your bills in the face of the coronavirus health contingency without leaving home.


Download the Telmex application on your mobile device, register the 16 digits of the credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) and make the deposit safely.

You can also pay it easily and quickly with any banking institution, if you decide to domicile or enter the telmex.com portal you will have to subscribe to “My Telmex” and pay your bill even when it is due.

mega cable

On the other hand, if you contracted the payment of your services through Megacable, you must register on the portal with the following information:

  • Subscriber number.
  • Subscriber name.
  • Exterior number of the address.
  • Email or cell phone.

Then you must generate a password and make the payment online. Likewise, you can domicile this service to a bank account and they will grant you a prompt payment discount.


Payment with a recurring charge can be made to a credit or debit card, you must register it on the internet portal or by calling 01 800 120 5000 to register her. The payment will be reflected immediately.

total play

Paying the Totalplay account statement can be done with a recurring charge or interbank transfer with Banco Azteca, BBVA, Santander, Scotiabank, HSBC, Citibanamex and Banorte.

Cell phone

If you contracted a plan with Telcel, Movistar or AT&T, you can pay your bill by accessing your account and making a transfer with your credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) regardless of whether it is national or international.

departmental cards

Department stores currently have mobile applications and allow the card to be paid through bank deposits. All you need is to add the digits of the card or scan it and enter the amount to pay.

Credit cards

Different financial institutions during the health contingency due to COVID-19 they have deferred payment for their services.

Such is the case of Banorte, which for 4 months will postpone the payment of credit cards, mortgage loans, payroll and car loans, personal loans and SMEs. Customers must request it before April 30.

Instead, Scotiabank, Citibanamex and HSBC have implemented months without interest and discounts for the payment of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacy.

Likewise, banks have reduced their staff to only the necessary, so if you are a BBVA customer you can pay your debts from the mobile application, official internet portal, Cash Management o Comprehensive Treasury and for Santander customers from SuperWallet, SuperMóvil and SuperNet.

Finally, for no reason stop doing the pay basic services online, Since the health contingency does not guarantee that debts will be postponed. We advise you to be aware of the social networks of your city and your banking institution to keep you informed.

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