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How to make the most of spaces behind doors

How to make the most of spaces behind doors🇧🇷 The tips that we are going to share below are great for those who live in small houses and apartments, homes in which any corner can be used to organize the mess.

How to take advantage of spaces behind doors (Illustrative Photo)

In small-sized properties, residents often suffer from a lack of space to store shoes, backpacks, purses, toys and even clothes and groceries, among other objects and products.

For these cases, an interesting solution is to give the doors an extra function, in addition to their traditional mission, which is to separate environments and provide greater privacy.

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How to make the most of spaces behind doors

Several types of supports help to optimize the space behind the doors (Illustrative Photo)

One of Ideas to take advantage of spaces behind doors The simplest thing is to put hooks in place, something very useful to store, for example, bags, backpacks, towels, hats, caps and other accessories, whether on the door of the bedroom, wardrobe or bathroom.

Metal brackets, found in many stores, are another great option, as they allow you to hang jewelry and other small items that need easy access. You can even improvise, using nails and clothespins, to make your own support.

The traditional shoe racks are quite useful (Illustrative Photo)

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Another very interesting option is to adapt cabinets behind the door (or shelves), if the space between the door and the wall allows for installation. This trick can be applied in virtually every room in the house, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and pantries, to store the most varied types of objects and products.

Traditional door shoe racks are also a cool alternative to save space. Very practical, they can be used to store not only shoes, but also documents, books, makeup products, magazines and various other small objects.

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Adapted ironing board behind the door (Illustrative Photo)

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Other tips for turn the door into usable space are:

  • Adapt ironing board on the door, in a small service area.
  • Install condiment holders, which already come with hooks, which can be used in different environments.
  • Place baskets and small pots to store shoes, food, cleaning products, etc.
  • For those who need to store a lot of papers, it is worth investing in a vertical file on the door.

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