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How to make the house quieter

know how to make the house quieter🇧🇷 Discomfort due to external noises or even from other rooms in the residence prevents the place from being really cozy and associated with rest. Depriving the house of sounds and noises is a way to ensure less stress in everyday life.

How to make the house quieter. (Ilustrative Photo)

Some decoration items can help to make the house silent, because some of them are composed of foam or thick material, which blocks much of the noise from other environments. Another solution is to invest in a different type of wall covering, as concrete is not capable of preventing sound waves.

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How to make the house quieter

Discover ways to how to make the house quieter🇧🇷


The use of curtains on all windows softens the noises coming from the outside of the house, as well as blocking the sounds of the internal environment. To ensure such an effect, invest in thick fabric curtains.


Glass windows.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Glass windows. (Ilustrative Photo)

If you want to deprive the house of noise, but don’t want it to become dark inside, the best option is to use glass in open spaces, such as at the beginning of interior corridors and in windows. Glass is superior to wood and concrete at blocking sound.

Shelves and wardrobes

Shelves and wardrobes are fundamental in decorating places where you want to block out sounds, because they always remain in full contact with the wall and occupy a good part of them. It is important that the shelf is made of thick wooden boards or is always occupied with decorative objects or books.

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Drywall walls

Drywall walls.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Drywall walls. (Ilustrative Photo)

The main feature of drywall walls is sound insulation. This type of wall is made of a structure composed of two plasterboards and between them an insulating material is placed, which can be glass wool, styrofoam or rubber.

rugs and carpets

The fabric of the carpet in contact with the floor of the residence helps to stop the noise of footsteps and also to soften the echo in certain spaces. Carpet is even better, as it covers the entire floor of a room, whereas rugs only cover parts of it. In apartments, rubberized floors are indicated.

solid wood

Solid wood has superior quality than other types of wood, in addition to being more resistant and durable, they are more expensive and highly capable of isolating sound, preventing it from entering or leaving the home. Solid wood can be used in doors and windows at home.

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Now that you already know how to make the house quieter. Take advantage of the tips to isolate all the noises that bother you. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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