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How to make Pix in the box?

Knowing how to do Pix na Caixa is a great option for making instant payments. Do you accept Pix? This question became recurrent in every purchase made, as both the buyer and the seller surrendered to this form of payment.

Its ease, transfers that are instantaneous and values, have made a good part of the entire population today use only this form of payment.

However, as much as many use it, there are still some who do not have complete mastery, which leads them to make their payments in the old ways, without enjoying a much more practical and complete means.

Pix in the Box, is it possible? How to perform? Here you will find answers to that question and help to start using this form of payment that has taken root in the market today.

What this article covers:

What is Pix?

Pix was created as another option for making payments, whether bills or day-to-day purchases. Your differential? These transfers happen instantly, and in a matter of seconds, the amount is already in the designated account, even if it is between different banks.

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Its services are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The transfers we used to make through DOC or TED, with time limits, with Pix the process became much faster.

How it works?

Pix na Caixa works very simply, as you only need the “Pix Key”, which can be your CPF, email, cell phone number, or a random key generated by the system.

Chave Pix is ​​a way to facilitate the identification of the account that will receive the transfer.
This entire process is carried out through the bank’s application, in a simple and quick way, without bureaucracy, with an instant transfer between accounts, which speeds up the process of both paying and receiving.

Is there a way to make Pix in the Caixa savings account?

Yes, Pix na Caixa is accessible to all your accounts, whether current or savings. You can use this payment method both to make a payment and to deposit or receive an amount.

There are no obstacles to this, as the Pix in the Box is released to the savings account as well.

How do I make a transfer to a Caixa savings account?

The process for making a transfer through Pix na Caixa to a savings account works in the same way as other transfers. Simple, fast and objective.

How to make a transfer to a Caixa savings account

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You’ll just need the Pix Key from the savings account, follow the normal process for carrying out the transfer, and that’s it, Pix done, money saved.

What is the maximum value of Box Pix?

Pix na Caixa operates with daily or transaction limits for use in transfers or payments sent via Pix, through digital channels. Are they:

  • Internet Banking and Cash App (Without validation at the ATM): from 6:01 am to 7:59 pm it is possible to use up to R$ 5,000.00, from 8:01 pm to 6:00 am only the amount of R$ 1,000.00.
  • Caixa App (With validation at the ATM): from 6:01 am to 7:59 pm R$ 30,000.00, from 8:01 pm to 6:00 am only R$ 1,000.00.
  • Caixa Tem App: from 6:01 am to 7:59 pm R$ 1,200.00 (Each transaction can be a maximum of R$ 600.00), from 8:01 pm to 6:00 am only R$ 1,000.00.

The usefulness of the Pix payment method grows with each passing day. With the doubts resolved, more people can take advantage of this form of payment that has made life easier for Brazilians, both for those who pay and for those who receive it.

Pix na Caixa works in a very simple and dynamic way, where the customer has full control over the transfer, without bureaucracy or impediments, but objectively, which optimizes their time and contributes to their financial quality of life.

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