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How to make pallet sofa

There are many ways to renew the decor without spending a lot of money, one of them is using the pallet. It is a structure normally used for cargo handling.

The pallets can turn into a beautiful sofa for the living room. (Photo: Disclosure)

O wooden pallet It is very common in construction and renovations. However, after contributing to the execution of the work, it is discarded in the trash or abandoned in the middle of the rubble.

What this article covers:

to put the decorating ideas with pallets in practice it is necessary to have good taste and creativity. The support can be used in its natural shape or given a new finish to become a decorative element.

The pallet serves as a coffee table, bed base, headboard, book shelf and frame support. It can also be transformed into a beautiful and comfortable sofa to decorate the living room or other room in the house.

When combined, the pallets give rise to a beautiful piece of furniture for living room accommodation. Even without a backrest, the piece can be decorated with several pillows and provide good moments of rest and tranquility. The hollow areas of the pallets are perfect for storing books, photo albums, among other objects.

The wooden structure needs to be sanded well. (Photo: Disclosure)

Learn it how to make a sofa with pallets🇧🇷

Necessary materials: 3 pallets🇧🇷 wood sandpaper number 60, sander, tray, foam roller, and satin synthetic enamel paint.

1. In an airy place, start sanding the surface of the three pallets🇧🇷 Start the work using a sander and sandpaper number 60 (the thickest).

2. It is important to sand all the parts with splinters using the rasp, a metal tool that looks like a file.

3. Sand the corners of the pallet until they are rounded.

4. Apply the first coat of synthetic enamel paintusing the roller on the flat parts.

5. Use the brush to paint the uneven parts and those that the roller was not able to reach.

6. Wait for the drying period.

7. If the finish is not the desired shade, apply a new coat.

8. To make the sofa cushions, just buy the foam and fabric. After taking the pallet measurementsask a seamstress to do the job.

The furniture can be customized with a painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

important notes

• Pallets are able to support a lot of weight and do not damage the floor.

• If the wood is porous, it will be necessary to apply 3 coats for the paint to set in the material.

• Apply a sealer to porous wood before starting to paint.

• The satin synthetic enamel helps to disguise the wood imperfections🇧🇷

• Glossy paint will highlight every irregularity in the pallet.

• Matte paint easily stains, so it is not the most suitable for finishing.

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