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How to make money with your bike without having to sell it

Has it ever occurred to you, or have you wondered how to make money with your bike? Although it sounds a bit crazy, today you have multiple options to generate income with this means of transportation that you may not use so often.

Bicycles can get you out of a lot of financial trouble, especially if you need to balance your finances in the short term, or pay off minor debts without so much effort.

If you have a bicycle in your possession and want to recover your investment, or even quickly make its utility profitable, we invite you to read until the end.

Your bicycle can generate extra income

Earning money with your bike is more fun than you can imagine. In fact, some monetization options don’t even depend on your direct effort.

You can literally generate passive income from your bike; as long as you learn to make the most of it.

For many, bicycles have become sources of side jobs that have boosted their personal finances, and for others, they are a great way to stay fit while earning money.

How to earn money with your bicycle?

Earning money with your bicycle is totally feasible. If you have one at home you might be ready to Generate extra income during your spare time.

Riding a bike has multiple benefits, and although this action will not inflate your bills for the night on the mountain, it could still get you out of a lot of financial trouble.

These are some options that you have within reach to monetize your bike pedaling from wherever you are.

1. Work as a delivery person at home

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This is probably the most predictable alternative on the list, but we still had to include it.

It is actually one of the most popular and profitable today considering that the home delivery service continues to generate amazing revenue.

Honestly, you can’t imagine the number of restaurants, shops, bodegones, supermarkets and pharmacies that need to increase their delivery base right now.

The work of delivery man can be pipe through apps that they offer this service to other businesses; as would be the case Glovo, Rappi or Order Nowdepending on your place of residence.

For example, if you live in Canada or the United States, you can become a delivery person for Uber Eats. You only need a bicycle and a great desire to pedal to earn money with your bicycle.

In addition to earning money for each trip, you can also generate extra income thanks to tips.

2. Courier services

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To work with your bike, as a messenger, you have to be fast. This is one of those services that reward speed and effectiveness in every way.

The key to success will lie in making your deliveries on time, while offering excellent customer service.

This service is ideal for earning money with your bike without selling it; especially if you are used to moving in this way during your day to day.

Some companies, like Orders NowThey have a messaging section within their services that could be of great use to you if you live in a Latin American country.

It is a matter of you researching their rates and determining which are the most lucrative routes: depending on the geographic reach that you can cover as a home courier.

3. Rent your bike

If you have a job that takes up most of your day, and you don’t have any spare time to earn money on your bike yourself, you could offer it for rent.

Currently, there are many people who want to work as delivery drivers, but who do not have their own bicycle, nor can they make such an investment.

This situation leads them to rent other bikes that allow them to generate additional income in exchange for a monthly payment.

This can be a good business opportunity if you have an unused bicycle in your garage at home.

If you have several bicycles, you can start a small business and rent them, or even buy them little by little to further increase your income.

There are platforms that will help you rent them safely. In the United States you can register at spinlister (a kind of Airbnb for bicycles).

4. Receive money for advertising

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This can be one of the best options to earn money with your bicycle, since if you use them regularly you could generate income without making an additional effort.

Just as cars are labeled to earn money, buses and subways with advertisements, bicycles can also be labeled.

Literally, your main means of transportation can be turned into a rolling advertisement, and in return you will earn additional income

In the United States there is a very famous application to contract advertising posters for bicycles: it is Ridevert.

If you sign up for it, you could earn up to $280 per month for displaying billboards on your bike.

Although it should be noted that the total income will depend on the number of miles you travel. Therefore, the more you use your bike, the more money you will generate per month.

5. Bike tours

If you know your city and have a vocation as a tour guide, you could organize bike tours to earn money with your bike.

It is likely that in your country there is already a company that is dedicated to this. And if you can’t start a profitable business on your own, try to undertake and promote yourself from your social networks.

On the other hand, it is a very fun plan for tourists who enjoy discovering new destinations on a bicycle.

The good news is that many cities around the world have bicycle rental services at strategic points in the city.

Therefore, you could start looking for allies and start putting together bicycle tourism groups that at the same time generate benefits for you.

6. Share your knowledge

If you have basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance, you could teach courses on-line or in person to people who want to learn how to repair this ecological means of transport.

Damage is very frequent (especially when you are pedaling), and those who ride a bicycle on a recurring basis are very aware of this.

The most common are the slipping of the chain, or the deflation of a wheel. There are people who want to learn how to solve this type of problem so that they do not have to resort to a bicycle repair site that will generate extra expense.

This is a good opportunity to generate money with your bicycle, since you can give courses on how to repair it, and even create a channel for yourself. Youtube and start monetizing your knowledge.

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Applications to generate income with your bicycle

business ideas with your bicycle

These are some applications that will help you earn money with your bicycle in a reliable and safe way:

Bike Messenger 24

If you are excited about working as a delivery person or courier, and you live in the United States, you could get a lot out of this application.

This app is somewhat similar to working as an Amazon delivery person, so it works really well.

Especially if you live in Houston, Miami, New York, Boston, Dallas, or San Francisco. Although this app also operates in some cities in Canada and in several European countries; including Spain.

According to data from ZipRecruitera messenger generates, on average, about $16 dollars per hour, and the annual salary in the United States exceeds $33 thousand dollars.


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Thanks to this application you can rent your bike to those cyclists who are close to your place of residence, in exchange for a fee that you can set yourself.

Consequently, it is one of the most profitable and lucrative apps on the market at the moment; considering that the percentage retained for each rental is very low.

Specifically, the app keeps 17.5% of each rental. So if you rent your bike for $25, you will earn $20.6 and spinlister you will be left with $4.37 dollars.


It is a corporate mobile application that benefits dozens of Spanish employees. Basically, they can win prizes by registering the sustainable journeys they complete with their bikes.

The idea is to encourage the use of means of transport that are less polluting at an environmental level, along with “combat sedentary lifestyle”.

Are you ready to earn money with your bike?

If you start earning money with your bicycle, you could pay off smaller debts, have greater monthly liquidity, and even save more consistently.

In addition, you will reduce your carbon footprint and exercise your body at the same time. The use of this means of transport has multiple advantages and you can take advantage of them from wherever you are.

Finally, remember that there are applications with many job offers for cyclists, even if they are amateurs.

Just make sure you pedal carefully and wear the correct clothing to avoid unnecessary risks while riding your bike.

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