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How to make Homemade Solar Heater

looking to know how to make a homemade solar heater 🇧🇷 See here for more information necessary for you to be able to prepare in the best possible way. Environmental causes are on the agenda on a daily basis in the media and are the subject of discussions between people from different social and intellectual classes, but so much emphasis is not for good reason.

What this article covers:

How to make Homemade Solar Heater

Unfortunately, the human being exposes all of nature and its resources to risk, in order to help reduce these occurrences, we at Mundo das Tribos publish articles daily with lots of tips and information so that you can act in an ecologically correct way, whether in your home, at work or on the streets.

In this article, we will explain a very smart and effective saving measure that you can build and adopt for your home, nothing more than a homemade solar heater. Can’t you believe it? Well, know that it is possible and simple to assemble following the informed steps.

Solar heaters have been on the consumer market for a long time, their biggest advantage is the reduction in electricity bill expenses, after all, the shower is the device that consumes the most KW (kiowatt). However, not everyone has the opportunity to acquire a solar heater companies that manufacture this type of energy source.

There are two types of heater, the one made from pet bottles or the one made from PVC plates. The second is easier, as all you have to do is go to a building materials store and buy the boards. The second takes more time, since it takes a certain amount of time to provide many pet bottles.

How to make Homemade Solar Heater


  • 200 plastic bottles (pet),
  • PVC pipes,
  • Milk carton packaging (empty).

How to make

  1. The first thing to do is cut the bottles and packaging, then paint the PVC pipes (which will be wrapped around the bottles) and the packaging with black paint.
  2. Associate the pipes of the bottles with other larger ones so that the water flow is fast and intense.
  3. The plastic material of the pets and the milk cartons will heat up through the sun’s rays,
  4. the heat will then be passed through the pipe into the water.
  5. A large PVC pipe brings cold water and hot water.

For the second alternative provide:

  • Industrial ceiling materials (PVC),
  • PVC pipes,
  • Milk carton packaging (empty)

Always choose good quality materials to make your heater. Materials with poor quality can compromise the functioning and structure causing dangers. Be careful not to overload the structure with too much weight, this could lead to leaks in the structure with displacement on one side.

Know how to reduce damage to the environment and reduce the value of your bills. Good luck and until next time. Watch the video to see how it all works:

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